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Past Week Exhaustion
written on Sunday, August 17, 2014 @ 8:53 PM ✨{ 2 comments }
Hello! I've been really busy for the whole week I couldn't find time to blog. Been finishing midterm projects and preparing for exams next week; really a hectic week but on the bright side, a super productive one. :) I rarely accomplish things and I really am not a productive person so it was really fulfilling. Didn't have absences last week either! :D My teacher who was supposed to be on leave for two days still even checked up on our class just to see if I was absent or not; she was keeping an eye on me because the moment I leave her class for another day, she's be dropping me out of her class list totally. Well that is not happening- in her dreams.

Okay, so it's been raining a lot again since yesterday which is really a good thing for me because I'm a pluviophile person and I needed a full rest because if I were to sum up the total of my sleep for the past week, it'll fall under fifteen hours. On Friday, I know I wouldn't be able to make it anymore so I had a big can of energy drink in the morning and omg, I didn't know the effect would keep me up until 2AM ;_; My eyes and body were so tired, I was beyond exhausted but I couldn't close my eyes because I wasn't feeling sleepy. I really am having a hard time sleeping, like, if I didn't take any caffeine or energy drink, the earliest time I'd go to bed will be 12AM but if my system has consumed even just a little amount of caffeine, I'd be up until 6AM. I also experience impending doom and palpitation after consuming caffeine (even just a small amount) or energy drinks. I think I have super low tolerance on these stuffs. Anyway, so yea, I was asleep all day yesterday, I woke up around 3PM and ate pizza my sister's boyfriend brought over. I also made myself a roll of kimbap and cooked mushroom soup. Until now I can still feel the exhaustion and it's good that it's raining because if not, I would've forced myself to go out for a run. So now, I'm taking my time blogging and I just hope I won't fall asleep while typing. x_x

 ---[after 5hrs] OMGGGG. I fell asleep x__x I was too tired omg.We had fun shoot for our multimedia project. We were asked to make our own calendar.


We were rushing because everything was impromptu like our venue and clothes were prepared in a rush; we just did everything mostly at the last minute and some of our members didn't even participate we have to do everything on our own. Gladly, we have some friends who were willing to help us take pictures and stuffs. 

Well, omg I feel bad ending my post right here but I have exams tomorrow and I have to study. I'll be back after exams, I promise. Thanks guys! :D

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