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Don't Judge Me, It's Selfie Tuesday!
written on Tuesday, August 5, 2014 @ 8:19 PM ✨{ 1 comments }

My narcissistic self strikes! Oops.

This is such a good day for me. First, I almost got late for our quiz today but luckily I made it and I got a pretty good score which really made my day because I was absent last Thursday and I didn't get to take notes nor listen to the discussion but still I passed so I thank the God that. :) Second, I kinda of saved time by taking a different route on my home. Like usually it takes me 2 hours before I get home but today it only took me an hour. It was my first time taking a different route so I wasn't sure because if I don't where am I getting off, I'd end up in another so I called my friend who talked to me about this 'other' route but she's out of reach even after calling her thrice and I had no choice, I called '7years'. At the first call there was no answer, I feel bad and regretted calling at all but I found myself calling him for the second time and he answered. What was that supposed to mean? Well anyway, I know he's been to a lot of places and he used to go to school near mine so I know he's familiar around the city and I am not because I'm just a school-home-bedroom person. He confirmed where I would get off and I said my thanks and done. Saved time, saved from transportation stress. I just spend the rest of my day pleasing my narcissistic side taking selfies and I got to watch 'The Amazing Spiderman 2' today and omg I love Andrew and Emma and although I was already spoiled that Gwen Stacy is gonna die, it still shocked me seeing her died like that. Her back cracked! Anyways, I just love it when I spend my day doing nothing but watching movies or like reading books, they relieve any stress I have in my system so that's really really good but sometimes when I get too addicted, I get too slacky and lazy and it's not good at the same time.

Well, yesterday, I had a date with my bestfriend after school. We went to this coffee shop that we haven't been to before. Meshroom.


The place is nice, they all have these vintage stuffs they display and some are to be sold and they're all pretty and I feel bad for not taking enough pictures, I really want to show you guys all the stuff! ;_; Well, maybe next time. My ChocoVanilla mint shake is really really good and the dip of the fries is good too. My bestfriend had a heavy meal since she was very hungry and she had this dish I forgot what's it called but it's beef. I had so much fun with her and I missed her so much omg God knows how much I do! We've caught up with each others' lives that's pretty great and she said she misses a lot of stuffs including me. It's been raining nonstop everyday lately and I am not even complaining, I love it to bits! :D

Also that made my day is that I finally got this shirt in the mail today! I've been waiting for this for like a week now and finally it's here :D I'll be wearing this on B1A4 Roadtrip concert in Manila this September and I am really really excited I could hardly wait! I'd be meeting new friend and I'll be spazzing with them live in front of our boys omg. I wish it's already September :3 I'm watching Running Manlater and prolly Roommate too and I hate it because it's Bom's last appearance in Roommate. ;_____; I wish Kshowonline subs 'Dad, Where Are You Going?' again because that's like my favorite show after Running Man. Okay, I know I'm talking too much but *sighs*, I have to keep on talking or else I'll get myself be remembered of things that make me sad and don't really wanna remember. Okay, I hope everyone's having a good Tuesday as well! :D xo

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