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Friendship marks life even more deeply than love
written on Thursday, July 31, 2014 @ 11:36 AM ✨{ 0 comments }

"Friendship marks life even more deeply than love."

I met a highschool friend earlier on my way home and I am so glad we bumped into each other because I missed her so much and I wanted to tell her how she didn't recognize me when we were in a mart. She told me things happening in her life. I feel so happy we did some catching up. She told me about much college is pressuring her as much as it does to me. That she got a boyfriend who's in the same class as her and is one of the smartest student in their class and they've been going out for awhile now. I couldn't help but envy her. I mean, who wouldn't want the smartest guy to date? And then I remember about my own life, how I am so ashamed when she asked me if I have a boyfriend. I am ashamed to tell her that I've gotten to like this guy now that has stopped chasing me after 7years. I knew that the moment I tell her about it, she'd know who that is. But I really am so happy for her because someone's making her happy despite all these things pressuring us- college. She told me he even especially tutors her about their lectures and I think that's very very cute. :) She told me she'll be leaving a message on my Facebook so we could hangout again, this time, with our other friends.

I think that whoever you may meet in life, the closest friend you'll ever have are your highschool friends. Even after not seeing them for years, I could still feel the comfort whenever they're around. Like I could always be myself with them. I could hardly do that nowadays. I really am hating college bigtime but it eases me to see them. :)

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