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Divergent Tonight
written on Wednesday, July 30, 2014 @ 12:32 AM ✨{ 0 comments }

Sorry guys, I just saw my aptitude test and the results were inconclusive so that means I'm a Divergent and also I just found out Tobias Eaton is my boyfriend so yea, we're factionless now. My brother Caleb is with me but now he's too busy being Augustus Waters and is enjoying breaking every girl's hearts with his cancer. Soon, a Noah part 2 with all these girls crying. I might contact Shem and Ham beforehand so they could prepare an ark. Noah's too old. Give the old guy's a break. Okay bye

Okay. I'm just kidding- half kidding as you know. I know I'm pretty late but as the too-mainstream saying says, 'Better late then never' I'm excused and omggg just at first I didn't think I'd be liking this 'Four/Tobias Eaton' guy because he's too cold and snappy and I kind of still am attached to Hazel Grace x Augustus Waters' love story so I was kind of half expecting the brother and sister would hug, kiss and make out but then I realized I think I would to have Shailene Woodley be paired to Theo James because in my honest opinion they look better together. Don't worry, I'll keep Ansel Elgort to myself so everyone's happy :) My very very favorite part of the movie is when every Dauntless are under simulation and Tris was half-scared Four might be under it too so she pushed herself to Four's side and for just a moment she felt Four's hand clasping hers. That relief in her face touched me. And then the second one would be when Four was in under special simulation and he fought with Tris and Tris was trying her best to relive 'her' Four and she was right there, pointing a gun to herself and was really ready to die, her Four came back.

“You nearly died today,' he says. 'I almost shot you. Why didn't you shoot me, Tris?'
'I couldn't do that,' I say. 'It would have been like shooting myself.'
He looks pained and leans closer to me, so his lips brush mine when he speaks.”

I just died.

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