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Depression at 1AM
written on Tuesday, July 29, 2014 @ 1:29 AM ✨{ 2 comments }

I couldn't sleep. For the past couple of years I'm being depressed by college up until now. Everytime night comes, I always get worried about school and how much everything is hard for me especially that I don't make friends at school and it worries me because I'm supposed to be doing thesis right now and my groupmates promised they'd call me but so far they haven't. I don't have their personal information, I just know them by their faces. And my internship, I postponed my internship for the thesis but nothing's going well and I am so scared I wouldn't be able to graduate college this year and I am about to let my parents down and it's already breaking my heart. Sometimes I think I need to visit a psychiatrist just to know if this depression is serious and in need of medication. I feel like life is stopping. Like I'm stuck to something I can never outgrow. I am scared. Everyone's living their own lives and I am stuck here. Just stuck. 

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