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Catly Cuddly Day
written on Thursday, July 31, 2014 @ 1:36 PM ✨{ 1 comments }

Today, I wasn't able to go to school because since last night I really am having a very hard time breathing and I positively think it is my asthma and it's kinda bit scaring me because until now I feel like my airway is still blocked like normally, after an overnight or so, I would go back to regular breathing but still at this moment, I still find it hard to breathe. So, my grandma decided to let me just stay at home and rest. The weather is so humid, so nice. It drizzles once in a while, my really type of weather. I am so bored cos I don't have anything to do besides from taking an extra effort in breathing so I decided to watch a local movie with my grandma when I saw some of our cats pile up in our front door and was cuddling.

We have like eleven cats at home. Before, there were like twenty but the pretty old ones already died, some went away with their hubbies. That grey cat glaring at me because I keep moving around taking pictures of them. I wish I have someone to cuddle with to. :( kkk

My grandma told me there were new-born kittens.

I couldn't take sole pictures of the kittens because the mommy looks very very creepy I thought I was seeing a snake more than a cat.

I seriously hate her eyes.

So now, I'm just taking my time blogging. I've taken other pictures but I guess I'll just be posting them next time so I won't be photo-spamming my own blog because I really don't want that. An irony for someone who loves taking pictures. I'll be wrapping up now because I just took a break from reading this new book I discovered from an Instagrammer who's really really cool because he's into Japanese language, and he reads a loooooot and loves words I suppose which is really attractive for me because wow, I mean, I rarely know guys who are into reading novels and stuff.

I wonder what kind of weather are you guys having right now in your country. :)

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