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2014 Planner
written on Wednesday, January 22, 2014 @ 12:58 AM ✨{ 3 comments }

I've never had any planners before. Sometimes when my mom will bring one home, I used them for scribbles. It's just this year that I've decided to get myself one so to help me organizing my plans this year.

I've been watching Running Man lately. I can watch up to 4 episodes a day and you can say I got totally hooked. Aside from RM, I watch other Korean shows. There's no day I don't get to hear nor see Korean- I'd lie all day and watch, or read. Fortunately I barely could understand and read Korean so I'm sticking with novels.

Oh, I was cleaning my iPod to save some extra space and I thought I would let you all guys see a picture of me and my sister. Well, just 60% of me. k

I just really hope I'd get to do all the things I've listed and planned for this year. I'm too scared because I've never really trusted myself with stuffs so... I just hope! Please wish me luck. xo

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