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08.27.13 Random Insights
Bye Bye Apple Cord.
We accept the love we think we deserve.
Hainanese Delights? Eeck!!! x_x
So pissed off I wanna dissipate.

Aian Mimiey Zira Fiffy Nova

The photo and the caption #1
written on Saturday, September 14, 2013 @ 3:30 AM ✨{ 1 comments }
Hello! :)) I'm going to put up a new segment on my blog where I post random photos I see through flipping my phone and iPod and I'm going to share it here with corresponding captions. I'm losing track at updating my blog regularly so whenever I feel like blogging, I could just blog about everything even the past happenings.

Lol them girls hijacking my iPod and taking the most memorable photo they could have with him. Look at her being so so happy!! HAHAHAHA.

LQ. After sunset almost evening. Just done with our class and off to have some sundae coke-float.

Almost a month ago. Doing my best friend's thesis documentation. It was a 2-day sleepover I didn't care if my family would scold me after going over my bff's house in such a worst weather condition. We ate too much food and watched too much movies *U*

Took random photos of my school for our commercial project. Don't have a high-end camera so I just used my iPod. One of our classmate who should've shouldered a DSLR was absent and we were in a rush =n= Anyways, the commercial video went well so it's all good :))

Went to some new cafe and we tried their coffee and bread roll. Had iced coffee for myself and cafe latte for my best friend. I enjoyed their smoked bacon bread roll the most.

Later that night, I skyped with le best friend bugging her whether or not am gonna PM this person.

So that's it haha. I will post more soon!! :DD Scooootch~

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