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08.27.13 Random Insights
Bye Bye Apple Cord.
We accept the love we think we deserve.
Hainanese Delights? Eeck!!! x_x
So pissed off I wanna dissipate.
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In My Cage
written on Thursday, September 5, 2013 @ 3:00 PM ✨{ 0 comments }

Hahaha excuse me singing out of boredom. While writing I was listening to music and decided to record a moment of my singing skills lololol eww

Okay didn't go to school today and I plan to do be productive so my day wouldn't be wasted. But look how wasted my room is.

I am just as wasted as my room ><  Wasn't able to catch up to my classes because I woke up late. I did my school work last night and finished it at 4AM  then I checked it wasn't finished at all like omg the video was supposed to be 5-min duration and not freakin' 36 seconds that even sized up to 3.77GB. I was shakin' meh head like literally.

At last I was able to render the video to how I want it to be this earlier of today and I'll just have to pass it tomorrow. So for now, I plan on writing my documents to be passed on Saturday and do some reading.

I have to quit playing 'I Love Coffee' for a while I guess >< ugh How I wish schoolwork just stay in school and never meddles with matters inside the house. psssh

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