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Anxiety Attack, help!
written on Saturday, September 14, 2013 @ 4:17 PM ✨{ 1 comments }

I'm getting so pressured and depress on a lot things right now like there are loads of schoolwork to do and I am failing all of my subjects which I am so goddamn worried about like surely my parents would kill me. Really, I've been skipping classes idk why it's like I wake up every single morning without motivation of going to school at all. It's like I am living in dull routine and it's suffocating me. I want something new. I mean, like to learn and enjoy at the same time. Like reading books and when books I say I mean novels not references ew. It's just, this isn't what I signed up for. I didn't expect I would sit back for 3hours and program things I could even barely understand. Everything is a mess. If I don't fix this sooner or later, I'll be getting a smokin' hot letter 'F' on my transcript. ugh ~

There are still a lot of things I am getting so depressed on. Lovelife~ family. Ugh. I wish my mom would go home right away because handling household's monthly budget is a big no no. I've screwed up already i don't wanna screw it up anymore. I know my dad is expecting a lot from me. Hey, you are the eldest you better handle things responsibly. Ugh but failing my subjects, messing all the money, I don't think my dad can even all these bullcraps from me.

And there's this guy. Ugh. Idk anymore. He wasn't like how used to be before. And although we finally talk to each other again, I still miss him. There's something missing that I keep on missing about him. And then I saw this girl he liked and omg she's really pretty way way way prettier.

Everything is messed up. Nothing's under control. I am trying to calm myself by reading and watching films. I need to set my mind on things that matter. I will try to change for the better or I'll lose all.

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