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written on Thursday, August 22, 2013 @ 2:18 PM ✨{ 1 comments }

I've been staying at my bestfriend's house for a sleepover for a day now and we couldn't go home because it is raining nonstop which is a good for us so we could still be together longer. We haven't seen each other for five days so we're doing a lot of catching up.✨

We were invited to Camille's house so we can help her finish her thesis but we ended up watching this The Conjuring horror film and pigging out. I was up last night until 3AM that made it worse. 

School is suspended for almost a week which I am happy about but still, I can't help but feel sorry and worried about the others that has been hit hard by the typhoon. It isn't really the sickness that we can get from typhoon but it is the flood. Almost all places are flooded that they have to suspend school in all levels.

I just it rains. Not flood.

Just done taking a shower and my left eye is irritated omg ugh fml

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