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08.27.13 Random Insights
written on Tuesday, August 27, 2013 @ 11:25 PM ✨{ 5 comments }

Hi! I am in the middle of studying right now when I thought of blogging a little tonight. I haven't had a proper sleep for like a week now. I wasn't able to sleep last night until 6AM and I have an exam later of that day so it's been really difficult for me. Even experienced a couple of sleeping paralysis that made me scared to resume my slumber.

The reason why I wasn't able to sleep last night is because of insomnia and ugh, over thinking. :((( I never wanted it. Just that my mind was very active and it kept me from sleeping :( It's like it enjoys seeing me suffer from sleepless nights. I remember a 'that' person again and it irks my heart. Along with the regrets is the hopeless dream of being friends with that person again. I used to lock all that I am feeling inside my heart but this time, I couldn't contain it anymore. I couldn't afford to feign a smile in front of my bestfriend and tell her I am not even slightly affected when in fact I do. -sighs- Not to mention I was having a minor breakdown because of the kdrama I have watched. I just can't believe the series has ended. It feels like my life has ended too.

Been crying a river over this song. :(((( It's just so beautiful and sad. I never ran out of tears whenever I listen to this. All I did last night was cry and over think and cry and over think again omg do you think I should consult an expert regarding my emotional instability? = 3=

:((((( Kangchiiii~~~*^* How I really wish I was Yeo Wool and I was good at holding swords as skillfully as her and that Kangchi likes me too that he'll die for me and he'll save me every time I am in trouble and that he would tightly squeeze me cheeks and kiss meh~ *U* huehue

Anws, today after school, we went to a mall because I was itching of playing Pump It Up! and that my best friend was trying to cheer me up. I've been asking my dad to buy me one but I don't think he will actually do so because he has bought me a lot of things for the past a couple of months.T^T But I seriously need it to sweat all this fats in me away.

Was so so happy to play PIU! Omg the other players were like monster crashing the dance pad OoO Their feet were so fast I couldn't keep up. A lot of times I found my jaw dropped as the music ends. Ugh, I need to be extra nice to daddy in case he'll have a change of heart ;) mwehehe

Just a little chitchat then then we met this cute guy wearing aqua shirt omg he's so bright *O* And there was me, just settled by stealing glances and incomprehensible fluttering.

Okay bye bye now. Kkeeeeeeuuut :*

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