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So pissed off I wanna dissipate.
written on Friday, February 8, 2013 @ 7:36 PM ✨{ 11 comments }
I hate how I had so much with my friends and my freaking little sister have to ruin it. God, swear I'm so pissed off right now. Geez~ I don't know why she's mad when I turned on the PC. I was asking her but she won't say anything! Moreover, she's giving me deathly glares! I ain't no psychic you freak so speak up!

First, she wasn't using the PC so I've taken the chance. Second, she didn't warn me about entering the room. Third, she told me that she warned me about the room being freshly sprayed of insecticide but as far as I know, she has never spoke to me since I arrived until she shouted at me about me turning on the PC. Messing with me is very difficult. I am emotionally unstable. I mean, a thing could mean my day. One second I am laughing, and after I am mourning. I sometimes don't understand myself- the feelings I've felt and dealt.

Also, my ex-crush whom, by the way, I am hating now to bits pissed me off. Not directly though. God, he's an asshole. I can't believe I ever swooned over that prick. Totally a waste of time.

Now, I feel like dissipating from this world. I want everything to disappear except my fandom. It's like I cannot count on my friends right now and I don't want them to deal  with my situation and that I wanna cool down by doing the things that I like- not involving anything from reality.

It's like you're filled with positive vibes this day that you ALMOST want to blog about it but a single bad vibe can keep you from doing it and just rant instead.

Idk why I'm being like this... Maybe because Valentine's is nearly coming? Ughhh...

[edit] After posting this, I opened my FB and this is what welcomed me.

I can't count on my fandom either? T^T


And wait.. I am in kind of shocked right now. I've heard that a student died from the other university near mine. News spreading all around says that she and her boyfriend went to have fun in their university's newly carnival and that they rode on a Ferris wheel and they both fell. My high school friend who's entering in that university told me the couple was confined in a hospital and that one of em was paralyzed.

Now, I am chatting with a college friend who transferred in that university and told me the girl has passed away. He is as shock as I am, more like worse because he was there when the couple fell. He was waiting for his turn on the Ferris wheel.

IDK. The girl's death can be a rumor but it hasn't kept me from this total shock. He told me the girl's jaw was wrecked because her face has hit the Ferris wheel's tube.[/edit]

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