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Hainanese Delights? Eeck!!! x_x
written on Saturday, February 9, 2013 @ 2:44 PM ✨{ 15 comments }
Okay. The title's a bit harsh but it's true.

Two weeks ago, my friends and I went to the mall to accompany our le friend in applying for a job. We were hungry so first things first. We tried out Hainanese Delights because the place was so Asian-y and we're up for some steamed chicken rather than Mang Inasal's roasts and grills.

See those delightful dishes? They didn't taste good. More like inedible. Seriously. My friends and I were far beyond disappointed because none of the dishes were tasteful enough to satisfy us but rather, it ruined our appetite. If it's not salty, it's too sweet! Noodles that's too sweet? I can't even.... God, I remember the tofu~ it tasted like crab! ;A; It was a bad experience because we were so hungry and we have faced a bunch of dishes that didn't even satisfy our mouths. It did somehow satisfied our stomachs miraculously. To cease the flavors of the food from our mouth, after lunch, we decided to grab some ice cream across Hainanese Delights.

We headed to the arcade but we were kicked out because we brought ice creams inside.

After the ice cream, we went back inside and played~~^^ Overall, even if the food was a disappointment, I had fun that day.

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