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Not feeling well~ ㅡㅅㅡ
written on Tuesday, February 5, 2013 @ 8:29 PM ✨{ 16 comments }

안영~ It's so not my day. My head down to my nape hurts because of an unwanted headache again. Headache didn't just ruin my day- also my allergies! I keep sniffing in class I felt so embarrassed. My classmates were like, "Okay lang yang sipon-sipon, basta marunong sa packet tracer. :)" The eff~ T^T I cannot concentrate at school because I am more of conscious regarding my health condition.. My head still hurts until now but I wanted to update my blog~ I love you guys that much although I doubt that someone even reads my blog. Hehe

Didn't go home yesterday. I stayed at my classmate's place for some schoolwork. But before heading to her home, we decided to sweat off some fats at some arcade. Gosh, I did worse playing dance revolution than my first time playing it. I was wearing flats and I kept sliding off the controllers. ;A; I will so do better this Friday~ *ㅂ*

Idk if I have mentioned this before. I have this weird allergy thing that can only be cured by food. Whenever I'm having allergies and sniffing and sneezing nonstop, I'll get hungrier than ever and food is the only antidote. So while doing our seat-work in our networking class, Camille and I sneaked some chips and ate at the comp lab. ;) The sneaking of food was worth it because I was doing a little fine for just a few minutes.

Ugh, I remember, we missed the volleyball game! ;A; Wasn't able to cheer my #6 HRM player on! My department which is School of Info-Tech Education had a game with School of Hotel and Management Restaurant and although I am part of SITE dept, I was cheering on HRM because of my #6~ (*^^*) Hehehe. I am such a shame of my own college. lol

After class, we decided to eat at Pizza Hut. My classmates that I've met along the way told me that I was gettin' fatter!!! Aigooo~~~~~ that ruined my day for sure. LOL They told me I was fatter than Camille now. Huhu ;A; Need to do some exercise~ (but I'm too lazy!)

I am starting to dislike Pizza Hut's creamy carbonara. Gawd, it's taste gets worse every time I order it. Pasta is raw and the cream doesn't taste edible. Enjoyed Camille's chicken barbecue pizza instead.

I've mentioned that I stayed over at Camille's place. She lent me her pants that I adore the most.


Went home covering my nose with my le hanky for I couldn't afford any irritation of my nose anymore. The passengers might have thought I found them smelly. ㅋㅋ

Planning to get an early sleep tonight because of le condition. Such a bad timing for I didn't do some reading last night. Hyuuuu~ ㅠㅠ

Thank you for reading although this post is plainly boring.

머리가 너무 앞아~ㅠㅅㅠ

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