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Mimi-muffs and le lip balm~
written on Saturday, February 2, 2013 @ 2:56 PM ✨{ 10 comments }
Hello! Yay it's weekend! Time for blogging! Hoho~~

Going to share you guys about the earmuffs I've bought last December. I call it mimi-muffs~^^ My classmate who's an otaku calls it mimi-muffs and I fell in love with the term so I now am using it as well. :3

(Mimi means ears in Japanese so earmuffs = mimimuffs.)

You know someone is crazy enough if she buys earmuffs when she lives in a tropical coountry. Aigoo~~ Cannot wait to visit Baguio again so I can wear this! :3

Also, I recently got a new lip balm gift from my oppa~ (note: he's not a boyfriend. just a friend who's older than me.) Was a bit surprised that he has bought me a gift. He isn't the type that buys presents you know.

Maybelline's Baby Lips Pink Glow Lip Balm

He got me the Pink Blast shade. It is more pigmented than the other color which is Baby Lips. It's my new fave lip balm cos it doesn't just moisturize my lips but also leave a pigmented pink color on my lips that I don't have to reapply my Etude House lipstick every once in a while. :3 Sheer lip balms always requires me to put lipstick on top just so my lips won't look very pale.

I love it's taste too. Sometimes, I apply it just so I could lick and taste it on my lips. Mehehe~

My baby likes it too!! ♥ 

That's it for this post until I come back with new ones! I cannot wait to show you guys my thrifty finds and new lenses. :3 Yep, I wasn't scammed thank goodness! x) Wait up for it. Jyaaaaaa~n.

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