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Greetings ~
written on Sunday, February 3, 2013 @ 7:57 PM ✨{ 9 comments }

Yey~ special greetings for them! ^^ I was bored and decided to throw some random fan-signs and voila~ I think I will be giving greetings every week. ^^ I hope I'll be able to write your names down and take a picture of it next week. :3 사랑해~

My boys doing great in everything they do but aww, that must have hurt, Sandeul! lolol

I wonder guys if you know who's my hubby here~ hehe. Omg omg, I am dying over their hoodies! I SERIOUSLY WANT ONE! NO, I NEED ONE!!! Omg. Their hoodies~~ just so cool! Idk where to buy though~ *le shots myself*

Okay. Tomorrow's Monday again. I cannot wait til it's Friday again~ Have to go to school be extra strong for classes I don't have friends in.. Hyuuuu~~

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