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written on Monday, February 4, 2013 @ 10:23 AM ✨{ 7 comments }

Me and le sis~ having dinner yesturrday (*^w^*) My mouth's full. Kkk

Good morning! I just woke up and decided to check my blog before I'm off to school. Have read numbers of messages about my broken background. I'm very sorry guys for the trouble. T^T The background's appearing in my browser so I was clueless. I think I have fixed it now. :3 Thank you for telling me! Chuu~

I have a class in three hours and I prepare things VERY slowly so I'll just see you again tonight or next time.

Going to leave you guys this very nice song~

I've learned that it's an OST of the K-drama Proposal Operation. I've watched the Japanese version of it and it's really a nice drama~~^^

And guys, don't forget to join Shizu and Mochakari's giveaways. :3 Support them!^^


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