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written on Wednesday, January 23, 2013 @ 12:51 PM ✨{ 8 comments }
One of the things that made the start of my 2013 unforgettable and priceless is winning Apriil&Joanne's Winter Wonderland Giveaway. The have sent me an e-mail days before I've been able to read it. I thought they were gonna give the prizes to the second runner up because I replied them very very late. Luckily, they didn't. Mehehe

Sorry for the super LQ photos. Just used my sister's camera phone.

Very sweet of them to give me a note. *rabu-rabu*

Shared the other items to some of my family members and they love it. Share the blessing!

God, I've bloated within weeks of holiday! Darn, shouldn't have eaten a lot on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. T^T Anyways, this red polka sweats is super cute! Love it's lace on the back.

Gawd, I'm so vain. *shots myself with a water gun*

My most fave items would be the cream knitted sweatshirt, Rilakkuma post-its and the moustache necklace. c; And the Rilakkuma post-its became very handy for my Free Elective project. So happy!

That's it. :) I am so grateful I can do a wiggle dance right now.

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