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Ombre Hair
written on Sunday, January 20, 2013 @ 3:05 PM ✨{ 5 comments }
Okay. I am so loving the way I pronounced it now. OM-BRAY~~~ I used to say it as Om-ber. LOL. So stupid of me. Anyways, I really don't know what's gotten into me that I have gotten ombre hair all of a sudden. I was just on my way home last Friday when I suddenly thought of getting my fringe trimmed. Then I thought of getting highlights second then it ended up being an ombre hair. It was a fail ombre hair though. T^T Wasn't satisfied.

The brown-red color at the ends of my hair looks like split ends. T^T I hate it. And I think the stylist should've dyed my hair a bit higher up to my neck-length.

If you notice, I have dyed a part of my hair on top as well and it's lighter than the bottom. Maybe because we have let the dye on top stay way longer than we had on the bottom. They said that it will get lighter in few days. I cannot wait because I am planning on re-dying it pink. c;

Yesterday, we went to the city take my younger brother for a checkup. He's cough is months now and it won't ebbed away. We just pray he's negative in the tuberculin test.

After visiting the doctor, we stopped by at the mall to play at the arcade. We went karaoke too!

I think I got a cool grandma.c;

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