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Le monday day
written on Monday, January 28, 2013 @ 8:46 PM ✨{ 13 comments }
(Such a stupid title. I can't think of any better.)

I think it's time for a new post. Hmmm.. been posting lame entries idk why. I am not good at this but i love to write. hurhur ;A;

Anyways. My friend is leaving school so apparently, I feel left alone because we have the same subjects and she's leaving and omg, now I need to enter classes just me myself and I only. ;A; Scarrrrrrrrryy~~

I've been going outside without my nerdy spectacles lately. Trying to get used to not wearing it all of the time because someone told me it might leave a mark on my nose bridge (although i doubt that my nose has even a bridge. ;A; flat nose, hate chuuuu~~~)

Took random photos. Had a wonderful lunch today but I got shy taking pictures in a restaurant. People were eyeing me when I took out the camera! Huhu T^T I am not a criminal yo~~ put back the cam immediately.

Excuse my ugly handwriting. It isn't a love letter so I didn't put effort. Kkkk. I just hope I did right on our seatwork. Networking is chooooooo difficult. ;A;

Fabric of le top today. One of my fave top. ^^

Successfully took a photo at school! Yay yay. c: Too bad I wasn't able to accompany Camille somewhere because le feet were hurting so bad. Had enough of walking, it said. Omw home, I saw an accident happened in town- a collision of a tricycle and a motorcycle. The motorcycle was wrecked into pieces.

Okay byes now. Sorry for the lame post. T^T I'll do better next time..

Everyone should listen to this cute song. *v*  ♥ Perfect song for your biases. Kkk

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