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Baguio Trip
written on Saturday, January 19, 2013 @ 9:25 PM ✨{ 4 comments }
Okay. I am now going to tell you guys about my trip to Baguio and the Koreans we have met. It was a SUDDEN, UNEXPECTED, RUSH call from Camille on 28th of December (14:00) asking me or more like, demanding me to get up my feet and start fixing myself because she's expecting to see me in the city at 15:00. She didn't consider how slow I could be and how the travel time takes over an hour to the city. I was like, "Hold on, hold on! What's up? Baguio?! Why didn't you tell me earlier?! I was downstairs and couldn't pick up the phone! Wait! Kent's treat?! I am coming then! Don't just give me an hour!! You're pressuring me!!" yadda yadda. I was shouting inside my aunt's house like crazy.

I arrived at the city at 16:00 and left the city to Baguio at 17:00. Arrived at Baguio 20:00 already.
I wore shorts because I ran out of tights and jeans and the only clean bottom I could find in my closet was my shorts. I so underestimated Baguio's climate. As we arrived at the city, I was shivering to cold. We decided to drop by at the mall first so I could buy myself something to warm my freezing thighs.

Bought the white tights because the other tights I found were way expensive. T^T It didn't compliment what I wore. I looked stupid. -_-

We headed to the food court to have dinner; had bibimbap with Kent while Cy and Camille settled for some squid dish I cannot remember what.

I thought we were going home that day but I was wrong. Camille sent me this messages I couldn't fathom and when I realized we were gonna head to the most famous nightlife place in Baguio, it just made sense.

Before heading to the club, we decided to stop by at Baguio's Ukay-ukay&Tiangge place. Most of the things there were way cheap! Bought camera flash drive as a gift to a friend.

And then finally, we were in the club. I was scared at first. SERIOUSLY. I was thinking of these silly thoughts and a bunch of WHAT IFs. 

Nevada, the famous nightlife place in Baguio. 

The first club we went was Velvet.It was my first time to drink a full bottle of light beer. This will remain as a secret for my dad will surely kill me if he finds out. I hated it's taste. So bitter but have to get along because yea, I was in a club. Loved their music. The DJ knows how to mix but people there really don't know how to dance. I mean, the club has the best music and there weren't a single person dancing on the dance floor. After sometime, we left the place moved to another club named Friday's.

After the bottle of light beer at Velvet, I didn't drink anymore. Settled myself on watching people when Camille wanted to dance and Kent was like, "Isama mo si Shobe." (Bring Shobe with you.) And she did.

I was just stupidly clapping my hands at first when we arrived at the dance floor. I don't how what came to me when I started dancing to the music. The music wasn't as good as at Velvet but it is already good to make my body move. I have never danced in a club before. I was very conscious with how I was doing and then for a moment, I totally forgot I was shy. It faded away and was already enjoying dancing when I felt someone behind me grinding his body against me. I was startled, eyes wide open at Camille! And she was like, "That's okay." and kept on dancing. When I felt the guy wasn't behind me anymore, I started grooving again.

Was enjoying me time with Camille when two Koreans went to us. The Korean talked to Camille first and I think I have heard him say, "My friend wants to meet your friend." or did I mishear it only? I look up at the other Korean and I just looked at him. lol Idk what happened but I just realize we were dancing again... with them. Camille was talking while dancing with the Korean whom I have known as BK. And the Korean I was dancing with, his name's David. We exchanged conversations on the dance floor and after for what seemed like forever, he asked me if I'd like to get some air. I was glad because my tummy's aching for dancing for a long time.

We went outside and geez it was freezing cold! Great for someone wearing 3/4 sleeved cardigan. -_- So that was the time I have gotten to know David. He was very nice. He's a Christian and he told me he doesn't really dance that much. He just loves drinking. Idk. He has told me a lot of things about him but people can lie. People do it as often as they breathe. But I am unsure. He seems very nice though. We talked about Korea and Philippines. How Koreans do this and that he asked me about Filipinas and gays in the Philippines.

He thought I was from other country and that I don't look like a Filipino. Idk how so.

He was on my left side when he moved to my right. I was like, "Why?"

He was just, "You're freezing." and then I realized he blocked the wind. He was bigger than me. I mean tall and a bit wider than me (I consider myself fat.) so he blocked it perfectly. But it didn't really keep me from shivering. Should've borrowed Kent's jacket.

He told me how he spent Christmas in Korea and how he and his brother fought before. And he told me that whenever his father's drunk, he will always nag about David's studies and he'll just be like, "I am sorry father. I am sorry father." Kkkk lol That was funny for me.

Oh I remember, he took off his jacket and put it on me!!! Gah. I didn't notice his jacket. I noticed how his biceps were... sexy. o.o He has a broad back and it's cool for a guy. 8)

I was like, "Are you serious? You're gonna get cold."

He was like, "Not really. It is 10x more colder in Korea and I don't get sick that often." And he started telling me how often he was sick when he was a kid and it stopped when his granny acupuncture-d him.

My friends told me that David and I have talked for 2 hours. I don't know how that happened. I think we didn't talk that long but they were dead serious. Is time really short when you're having fun?

I have gotten to know their other friend too, Neal. He seemed a bit snobbish to me. I was scared at him at first. He just made me feel like I didn't exist. About BK, he is very funny and very good at dancing. SWEAR. He has a knack for dancing. His body just won't stop moving even outside the club. I have also learned that he isn't a Korean but a Filipino-Chinese. The three of em look like Kpop idols! BK has a strong resemblance with Kim Soohyun, Neal looks like CNBlue's Minhyuk and David resembles F(X)'s Amber and his body is like Hey!Say!JUMP's Keito Okamoto. c:

Then after at Fridays, they invited us to Purple, the last club we have visited. The people there were wilder and there was a showdown going on. We went upstairs because downstairs was very crowded because of the showdown. So purple has like two dance floors, upstairs and downstairs. It's darker upstairs though.

I settled on just watching the showdown from upstairs when I felt David beside me.

"Do you like it here more?" He asked.

"Not really. Very crowded and the smoke is too suffocating." I replied.

"Me too." he said. "Too noisy for me."

We danced. If it weren't because of BK's millionth time of persuasion, we wouldn't. David's not a dancer. I hate to say this but he really can't dance. I was trying to hold my giggles because of how funny he look like. He's adorable trying, though.

BK and Camille went to the center dance floor and we went along. There I met the black guy who was asking for my number. He was bugging me although I was with David. I was starting to get scared when he started to hold my hand behind David. I didn't know why did it but I tried to hide myself on David's chest and held onto his sleeve. He really is tall and his body's frame is wide for me so he completely blocked my the sight of the black guy. He might've sensed it because he tried to scoot me over to BK's side so I am in the middle of em, BK's back facing my back. Then Camille signaled me to look at my right and there I saw Neal doing sexy dance with an American. I was a bit shocked, I looked away and blushed a little.

We went back to our seats when the waiter has taken us our drinks. Tequila Gold as Camille told me. Didn't drink it. David did- he drank my tequila.

Time flew so fast and it was already closing time. I was about to go downstairs when I was accidentally pushed hard on the side.I lost my balance but David was able to catch and pull me back on my composure. I almost tripped or worse, fell downstairs.

He asked for my number and he told me he wanted to see my again but he knows that we can't. Maybe because he knows that I live miles away from Baguio or maybe because he was officially dating someone. I have never asked.

We went to a Cafe to sober up and after, we parted ways. David and I didn't talk after at Purple but we have exchanged messages when I arrived home.

We talked for days until I deleted his number. Basically, he was driving me crazy. I mean, I cannot wait for a message to arrive for an hour or longer than that. However, whenever we talk he always tells me things about him. He has never bore me with his stories. My fave part was his boat experience. He was too scared of the dirty water that he swore in his life he won't ride a boat ever again. He really is a sweet guy and I cannot fall onto that so I deleted his number to stop the mind game I have started to play.

Okay. I have talked TOO much about him. T^T Forgive me. It was just very memorable to me because it was my first time.

Well, we're planning on coming back to Baguio this Feb and who knows, we might see our new-but-now-long-lost acquaintances again.

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