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written on Friday, December 21, 2012 @ 2:34 PM ✨{ 4 comments }
What would you do if someone has been loving you for years until now and even though you feel something for that person as well, you know in yourself that your feelings for that person isn't as much as what he feels about you? So it's going to be like, it'll be unfair for this person because the feelings aren't likely mutual.

What I'd do? Nothing. I want him to realize na I am not the girl he deserves. He freaking deserve better! So what if he finds another girl? I am used to regrets. May pagka-masokista akong tao. A kind of person that finds pleasure in self-denial.

So call me frigid or whatever, I effing don't care. Ako na masama for unintentionally leading you on.

All I want for us is to be friends. Kung tayo, edi tayo. As long as I feel like it isn't the time, then, it is not.

My goodness, your friends must be loving to kill me now.

Hay nako. You have thousands of reasons to be turned off. Grab that opportunity to hate me and maybe, eventually, you won't like me like you used to, anymore.

Ganito ako e.

-- I will be leaving to Manila tonight. If I'll be able to pack my things a bit early, I might go to my friends' Christmas Party before departing but since I am not in a good mood and I freaking want to dissipate from this world so, the chance isn't that much.

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