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Weekend Post: 001
written on Saturday, December 1, 2012 @ 7:46 PM ✨{ 12 comments }

Hello! Okay. Whenever I get free time, I always write blog posts. So far, this is my 3rd blog post for the 2 days of my holidays. I am not sure if I will be able to post one again tomorrow.

Okay. So today, I went out for grocery shopping with my little brother. At first, he was hesitating to accompany me and so was my little sister as well. But I secretly told my brother we are going to eat sundaes after so he finally agreed. That drat, he'll just accompany me because of the stupid yummy sundae. ;A;

I wasn't planning on buying myself eyeglasses but my sight is getting worse. While I was grocery shopping, I could barely read the brands and products. More like, I couldn't read them at all. So after having a hard time shopping, we stopped by at the nearest optical shop to get myself eyeglasses. I don't know but my eye doctor said that I badly need glasses so yea.

That isn't the original case, though.


I think my glasses are just good for reading fro, afar. I  am not sure if it's helpful when I wear lenses. You know, I cannot go out without wearing lenses. Well, I actually did, today because I had my eyes checked up and I'm not supposed to be wearing lenses for the checkup. But in school, I don't think I would go there without lenses. I just don't look good without it.

After at the optical shop, I granted what I promised to my brother. We just grabbed 2 double sundaes and a large fries at the nearest McDonalds. After that, we went home.

I watched Notting Hill awhile ago. My mom asked me to watch it and write a summary essay. Actually, she has asked me this about a week ago now and I was just pretty lazy to do her a favor. Lolol //bad daughter.

I loved the movie, surprisingly. I don't know. I think I have this for British things growing on me now. First, their accent. And now, I think I am going into watching British films now more than American. In fact, I just put the "Price and Prejudice" movie on my download list. I hope I get to watch it very soon. c: If you guys know some great British films, I will be very happy if you could recommend them to me please. c:-hugs hugs-

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Last night, I started reading John Green's The Fault in Our Stars. I have promised myself that I will not read other books until I get to finish Harry Potter series but it seems like I just cannot abide with what I said. John Green's The Fault in Our Stars has got me just with it's first chapter. And now, I am loving it more the more I read it. c: I think you guys should check it too. c:

Lately, my little sister has been very attached with her laptop because of Sims 3. And now, she'd exchange her bathing time just to play it until late evening. -_- If she'll keep on doing this, I might just uninstall the amazing game. -sighs-

I know, I owe you guys big time. I am sorry for not blog hopping for a while. No lies. I've been just lazy. But I will make up to you now. I promise. I swear! Love love! Meow.

[edit] OMG! I almost forgot it's the first day of December! ♥ Yay yay! Christmas is nearly coming but the weather is still pissing me off! Like a while ago, while drawing money from the bank, I felt like I've been toasted enough to be eaten. ;A; Okay. I just cannot wait to meet my relatives living from afar this Christmas. We will be spending Christmas with them!! I am just so excited I cannot help but put a lot of exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And oh, I am still devastated I wasn't able to witness MAMA ceremony. ;A; Stupid internet connection. Congrats with the winners, though!!![/edit]

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