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Weekly Post: 001
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written on Monday, December 17, 2012 @ 7:05 PM ✨{ 10 comments }
Just woke up from a nap. No classes today because of on-resume intramural. Good thing because I am dead exhausted and my body is sore.

I was happy to attend the first Misa de Gallo at dawn last Sunday. I went there with my family on my mother's side and I feel blessed and joyful that I once again was reunited with my relatives.

Actually, the night before the Misa de Gallo was my brother's birthday and my cousins slept over at our place so despite of our schedule, we slept late. Hung out and had movie marathon that caused us get awake late for Misa de Gallo. We rushed to dress up ourselves. My cousins were busy putting on their pants while I was busy doing my eye. I really cannot live the house without contact lenses and heavy eye liner. Hoho. My granny was like, "How did you still manage to put that?" and I was just like, "I'm a ninja, grandma. Ninja."

Despite of our event anticipation that we're going to be arriving at the church half of the mass already, we arrived at the church just in time. The church was full packed when we got there so we just have to stand all throughout the mass.

After the mass, we took few family pictures.

I still have my messy bed hair here!

Unexpected bokeh shot of mine. Or, that's what I call it.

I, being pretty much of a camwhore will never forget to take LOADS photos of myself and this time, with my wifeeeeeey!!

The sun just rose.

And now, I present to you guys the epic wacky selcas I have prepared only for you. Camwhoring on our way home.

We stayed for a while at my auntie's house and met her cute dogs! She has over ten dogs under her care and I couldn't think how lively her life is with her pets! Too bad, I wasn't able to take photos because the moment we arrived at my aunt's place, after having lunch, I decided to take a nap. Then after, we (my siblings and wifey) bade goodbye because we have to go back home and prepare for going to the mall.

I didn't buy anything except for a Bench perfume. I just accompanied my siblings to but stuffs and gifts for their school Christmas party. We went home a bit late.

Oh, before I go off to do household chores because our maid just resigned, I want to tell you guys that Christmas Vacation in Manila is actually on! My finally gave us his permission. c: Yay yay!

[edit] PS: I miss you all, guys. I really do. If only I can skip classes for a week and reply to you all. I miss blog walking. I just miss doing my old routine, you know. [/edit]

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