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written on Wednesday, December 5, 2012 @ 11:32 AM ✨{ 6 comments }

Okay. Just a quick post. I didn't go to school today. Reason? (1) I slept late and John Green's Looking for Alaska is to be blamed. (2) I dislike my accounting subject. (3) My tummy's been acting very weird since last night. Idk i I have diarrhea and yea, it sucks. ;A;

I just hope my dad won't see this post because if so, HE'LL KILL ME!!!!!

Today, I've told my classmate/friend that I won't be going to school. And I guess she's like disappointed because we go to each class like, together.

And there's this phrase she told me that's bothering me until now.

"Matuto ka ngang maging tao." she told me.

I don't know what she's trying to imply, though. I wanted to ask her but I don't know how. I just can't see how am I not being a human. Well, maybe because she sees that I isolate myself from others so much and that I keep giving her negative comments about myself. It doesn't mean that I am not grateful with everything, though. And maybe because she sees that I prioritize other things than making and socializing with people.

And yes, you can say I am a pretty much sensitive person and she knows that as well. I am kinda hurt but I am not mad or anything because I think it is my fault.

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