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written on Wednesday, December 5, 2012 @ 8:08 PM ✨{ 8 comments }
3rd post for the day. Sure cannot get enough of updating you guys with my tedious life. Oh well.

I just want to tell you guys that I have been committing my time in reading and watching films. As you have never noticed, I guess, I have been reblogging books and quotes from films on my Tumblr which obviously means that it is now my current interest. Living away from reality is so much better. I thought I'd just live being a JKpop fangirl but I am so glad to have found new things to waste my time with. The pleasure it gives me is just priceless.

I have finished reading The Fault in Our Stars last Tuesday night. I have finished it with me sobbing so hard because of what happened. I always knew that would happen (because I've spoiled myself before reading) but it didn't stop me from expressing my feels. Now I can't stop thinking of meeting an Augustus Waters guy someday.

My sister saw me crying that night and she worriedly asked me what's wrong. I couldn't tell her between my sobs. She thought I was brokenhearted but little did she know that a poor gorgeous fictional character's death was to be blamed.

So yea, on Wednesday, I went to school with puffy eyes but I didn't much complain. Crying hard makes my eyes all puffy and have this near-to-perfection double eyelids. Idk how to explain but you people who loves doing your eyes make up will understand.

Today, as you all know, my dad found out I skipped class. I have reasons but it doesn't subside the guilt at all. It was wrong.

To comfort myself, I watched Pride and Prejudice. I didn't know the story is so wonderful and if I had ever known, I shouldn't have stopped reading its' novel back then.

So, it took me 1 hour, 55 minutes and 45 seconds to fall in love with Fitzwilliam Darcy or much known as Mr. Darcy. I think he's the 'new' epitome of my ideal man. Hoho.

I love you, readers! Most ardently. c: /flies kisses to all of you.

After this day, I do not feel good about skipping classes although my tummy's being weird all day. Like Konayachi-chan just said, I should swear them I'd give them good marks to compensate with my reckless action today.

But before that, I'll keep calm and find myself a Mr. Darcy. c;
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