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written on Saturday, December 15, 2012 @ 2:41 PM ✨{ 5 comments }
Huwaa. ;A; I've been a ghost for the whole week. I am just dealing with tons of things and as a natural-born lazy, I am having a hard time adjusting and doing things at a time. I am very sorry. I have been very busy and I had an unexpected eventful week. I will be busy until next week because of the prelim examination.

 From school to household chores. From malling to gorging. My life is currently effed.

 Also, I got scolded by my aunt and until now, I still feel bad about it. I am just a 17-year-old who's been handling ALMOST everything at a time. I have deposited her money very late and I was very sorry for how inconvenient it turned out. I am pissed and hurt because of her pick of words. Ahhh. I will be forever sensitive.

 Christmas in Manila with my fave relatives is cancelled. Something came up and we won't be able to go there anymore and this is the main reason I am being depressed these past few days. Not to mention gifting Camille something she really wants. Idk what to give her. T^T

 It is my little brother's birthday and we made graham and cookies cake with the help of Camille. c: Without her, Idk how will I handle things. She's been helping me a lot and I couldn't be more grateful. She helped me with the house, my brother's birthday and took really care of me when I stayed at her family's house. ^^

 My tummy's been acting really weird for the whole week until now. Whenever I get myself full, I'll get severe stomachache. It is like feeding myself is to hurt myself. ;A;

Idk what am I saying anymore. I am hungry but I am afraid my stomach will hurt badly again. -3- I'll give you guys a proper update when I get enough free time. I have to run now. Bye bye. Love yous!!

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