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Winter Wonderland Giveaway + Short update
written on Thursday, November 22, 2012 @ 8:58 PM ✨{ 5 comments }

I just joined an adorable giveaway this month! Simprilcity&Rainbow Dreams's Winter Wonderland Giveaway! Since I am a huge fan of knitwear and all adorable things, I will not miss the chance of winning those adorable prizes! The red polka sweats and the 'like a sir' necklace are my fave. c:

The giveaway is for Philippines-based residents only so if you're from here as well, click the link below now and join! c:

Today was typical. Went to school and went straight home after. I dressed girly today because it is the day where I am in the same class as with 믹켈 but I ended up looking like a pregnant student. My goodness.(ノдヽ) Fail.

So, my classmate is in love with an engineering student. She wasn't in herself today and can hardly focus on our database hands-on.

Then I got curious.

I asked her, "If a girl dresses up for a guy. Is she in love?" giving my most-convincing poker face.

She just looked at me with a smug face.

My goodness. I cannot get caught. "I am not in love. I'm just asking. So, is she?" I said.

Then 믹켈 went back to his seat which was just across mine.

"Let's just talk about this, later." I told my friend.

And she was like, "In love ka 'no? Kanino? In love ka?" "You're in love aren't you? To whom? You in love?" looking very interested with my life.

"Of course not! I'm not in love. It's not love. No love involve at all."(−_−;)Trying not to blush red.

My heart was beating fast and I suddenly sweated badly. What if 믹켈's been overhearing our conversation? That would not be good. I'll be doomed!

So, my friend actually didn't realize that I still have this annoying liking towards 믹켈.

God, he's still cute as evurr. He was wearing white and he looked like an angel, tbvh.

My goodness. What the eff am I saying. ;A; This isn't good.

@ 8:37PM: --> I just got home from the hospital. My high school friends and I visited our high school friend who recently got himself into an accident. Apparently, his jaw was fractured and he had an operation. Thank God the operation was successful and he's now in recovery. I learned that Raffy (our injured friend) 's classmate who was driving the motorcycle, died. The motorcycle, along with him, went under the truck. It's just so sad because of the fate he had. I am super thankful to Almighty because OUR Raffy is safe, though. I hope this will be a lesson to him from now on.

I am so happy because I was reunited with my high school friends again. We rarely see each other. We never even go out together so on the brighter side, although Raffy's hurt, we're so blessed because we got to see each other again. I know Raffy's happy. That bright smile just won't leave his face.

Although visiting someone in the hospital has to be more solemn, we laughed so hard. Our old teachers were there as well and their epic stories still don't fail to make us laugh.

There's this story they told us that there was this two men driving at midnight having ghost story-telling. Not long after they met an old woman who has a long white hair and was wearing a white dress. She asked the two men if she can get a lift to the CEMETERY. Ghost stories. Midnight. Old woman wearing white. Cemetery.

They gave the old woman a lift and drove away. Apparently, the two men have forgotten they have a passenger and they passed the cemetery.

"Iho~" said the old woman.

The driver stepped on the brake and the old woman fell from her seat hardly.

"What was that?" asked the driver and after a moment of silence, they drove again.

Then they heard the old woman's voice again...

"Iho~ Bakit hindi mo ako binaba sa sementeryo? (Boy, why didn't you drop me off the cemetery?" with a very weak voice.

The driver stepped on the brake again and this time, very hard. They slowly turn around and saw the old woman with blood on her face.

"WHITE LADYYYYY~~!!!!!!" The two mean screamed and left the car running away.

LOLOLOL. I know it's not funny when I said it. But geez, if only you were there, you'll know what I mean. I was laughing so hard I felt like dying!!

My goodness. Such a wonderful moment I had with old friends again. I am beyond  pleased.

I am thinking of visiting my high school's church on Sunday. My little sister's attending there every Sunday. I might come with her this weekend.


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