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Weekly Post: 001
written on Friday, November 30, 2012 @ 3:41 PM ✨{ 5 comments }

I just woke up not long ago and it's already past lunch time. The sun is up so high today but oddly, the weather isn't deadly hot. Or maybe just because I am staying indoor. Oh well, I woke up being attacked by my asthma I got from staying up very late at night consecutively and my throat isn't in good condition. Although my throat isn't sore and it doesn't hurt, when I try to speak, the voice won't just come out. I can hardly let my voice out. And my poor feet are still sore from wearing heels all day yesterday. And for unknown reasons, my right thigh hurts as well. My goodness! Am I dying? ;A;

*went busy with Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.*

(After a while of chatting with multiple friends, tweeting and just doing everything at a time) .... Whew. Blimey~! What a blast multitasking. Talking to a lot of people at a time is kind of unusual to me. I mean, I cannot concentrate in every conversation cos my mind is effed up. Plus, the loud music is enough of a distraction to me. Singing with voice that is hardly audible. I pity myself.

I remember, I had a weird night about 2NE1. I dreamt of them we were in a common room, they were staying there for unknown reasons. I first talked to Dara since she is much closer to Filipinos. We exchanged convos I can no longer remember. Then I took out my camera and asked Dara if I can have a picture with her. The camera seems to be broken because whenever we take photos, the shot isn't just good. It was very dark we are hardly visible in the photos because it was already evening. And then the scene switched to Minzy. She's standing in front me and omg, she's so cute! She was wearing a sleeveless white floral dress and her hair was pinned with a bow.

Then, CL appeared and she was talking in Korean, nonstop. She's very scary when she talks. I feel like running off with her tone. The morning came and I saw all of em. I took a lot of photos for blogging purposes. I get to chat with Bom and told her some Tagalog words that she, surprisingly, understood. The only reason why I was taking photos with them all the time was for my blog. Then I woke up from my it, unknowingly it was just a dream.. I was so excited to open the computer and blog about it right away when I slowly got back to my senses. IT WAS JUST A FREAKING DREAM. I really thought it was real. I feel bad for the photos I took. ;A; Poor blog, no 2NE1 pictures with me for now I guess.

This is one of the rooms I have class in every Wednesday. They seriously need to change all the desks. They are filled with slutty and corny love vandalism.

My baby. I didn't realize it was already are last time together. I took this photo on Wednesday and had lost him on Thursday. I couldn't find him anywhere anymore. Must have dropped him anywhere at school or the mall. ;A; I hope his new owner treats him well. I am going to miss him a lot. He always comes with me to school you know. And every time I am alone at classes, he's my company. I'm just gonna squish his soft tummy and I'll feel better. Sometimes, I let him dance too! Gonna wiggle his body and voila, his instant adorable wiggle dance!

Le me last Wednesday. Idk if you can see the tiny little droplets of sweat on my nose.

Only God can judge me lettered by my friend.

A college student doing high school love thing.

Camille treated me 'palabok'. c: One of my fave servings! Camille's treat! Foods are just yummier when it's a treat. c:

This is what keeping me up every late at night. Sims 3. I just love playing this. Especially when I have named my Sims after me and my beloved J-pop ichiban, Inoo Kei. I will always love that guy. I will be forever his fan. c:

My couple Sims just love flirting and doing lovey dovey stuffs. hoho Even received loyalty award as loyal spouses.

That's pretty much it for this post. Recently, I have been listening to old Mandarin songs like Rainie Yang's songs, Why Why Love & Hana Kami OSTs. c: I love the wonderful feeling nostalgia brings.

Morning selca last Tuesday. Have to ruin this blog post with that. Hurhur.

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