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written on Friday, November 23, 2012 @ 8:03 PM ✨{ 4 comments }

Hello! It's finally weekend! ♥ I have enough time to blog hop and do whatever I want which is literally do nothing.

I have been craving for ice cream this whole week so after class, Camille and I went to have chocolate fudge sundaes at a fast food chain. We were waiting for our order when this cute little girl appeared beside me and was  looking intently at me. After a moment, she offered me her fries. So sweet! When I sorrily refused her fries, she then offered me her burger!

"Do you want this instead?" She asked. She's so sweet and adorable! She's very cute and lovable. ♥ Baby Josea, hope to meet you again in the future!

I didn't like Jollibee's sundae. Not enough hot fudge and the ice cream is too sweet! I wasn't satisfied. We went to McDonald's and I ordered double hot fudge sundae! My goodness, my guilty pleasure! Camille was disgustingly watching me savor the sundae. After finishing half of the sundae, I couldn't go on further. My throat was very dry because of the ice cream and the hot fudge is too sweet! Nonetheless, I've finished it all. :3

Now that my throat's okay again. I want to attack another sundae. Such a pig, I know. My clothes hardly fit me now. My goodness. Even Camille is slimmer than me now.

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