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November 1: Photo Spam
written on Friday, November 2, 2012 @ 3:20 PM ✨{ 5 comments }

Yesterday, we went to visit my grandparent's graveyard. My other close relatives used to go there annually as well but since they resided to a much more distant place, they couldn't make it anymore. Ah, I miss them so much. I miss baby Yuki and his endless Ninang Rafie calling to me. (Rafie's my nickname at home out of my Rafaelle name.)

Judging by how the grave was already that dirty when we arrived, I guess a lot of people have been there and visited my grandparents before us. My grandma was the founder of a Christian chapel here so I think that's why a lot of people knew her. She used to be really pretty, you know. I can't remember if I've been with her when she was still alive but I got to get a picture of her face with the painting of her hanging in the chapel's office.

I don't know if it's normal but throughout the years, whenever we visit the grave's of our grandparents, no one's sad. In fact, we all are happy. We thought that being sad wouldn't do anything good and we wanted those who are now gone to know that despite of our losses, we still manage to smile and be happy. We don't want our grandparents to see us sad. Last year's the best, though. We used to be complete and laugh together and greet our grandparents together as well.

But this year, I am grateful because despite of our other relatives' absence, a new part of our family just joined us to be with our grandparents every 1st of November.

On the first pic of her, she was asked to behave because she was running endlessly around the cemetery and she kept on touching every candles. She fear no fire, that is. She's so cute and very tiny! She's 1-year-old but she's as tiny an 8-month-old baby.

We just managed to get a few of these because little baby was guarding the snacks. She won't even hand me a piece out of my begging! Stingy little baby.

Oh geez, my thighs! Just as big as the elephant's! I should learn to apply diet diet diet!

Wouldn't forget cam-whoring, ever!
My thighs look pretty normal here but whenever I sit, it gets hella large!! T^T

My white hairs. ;o; They're so visible, omg.

That's my sis, btw. Okay, I'm off to go swimming today. I got really bored of me always at home and if it weren't for Harry Potter, I might seriously have died out of boredom. Seriously.

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