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Love Rant: 01
written on Monday, November 26, 2012 @ 8:09 PM ✨{ 16 comments }

Let me just post this.

I don't know anymore. I am so thankful to my friends for cheering me up today especially when these past few days, I was really down. It may not be that obvious but whenever he crosses my mind, that sad face will just involuntarily paint my face. Thanks to a cup of sundae as well. Comfort food.

There's this wonderful friend of mine, I told her about what I feel for this guy and to be very honest, she's making ways for us to get closer. But here's your stupid blogger (le me), letting pass all the opportunities. Oh well, I really am not that kind of girl and I know that the more I refuse, the more is my feelings getting obvious. I can't help it but she's been an avid supporter of my feelings.

So yea, today him and I were just a seat apart. There's my friend asking him if he's single blah blah blah and after a conversation with him, she's told me everything and it contradicts to the infos that I learned.

I just don't know anymore.

Whom will I believe?

I like him you know. But yea, we never even hang out. How can I just like someone I barely know?

I am just sick of starting my day with laughter and shiny smiles and at the end of the day, will curl up in a ball and let myself be engulfed with unwanted pain and sadness.

I shouldn't be feeling like this. I should not. I must not. But dammit, how can my heart be so brainless? (Yea, if my heart will have brains, thus, I will have two brains.. And having two brains is... err .. the more brains I will have, the more zombies will come! Iyaaaaaa~~~T^T)

The more I tell it to stop, the feelings just grow deeper.

This feelings is just a mistake. Someday, I will be able to look into your eyes without love for you left in my heart. I'll smile and whisper in your ear, "I am glad you never liked me back."

Tama na. Tama na. Tama na. Tama na. Tama na. Tama na. Tama na. Tama na.

Eff this. I'll just play Sims 3.

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