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written on Sunday, November 4, 2012 @ 8:45 PM ✨{ 12 comments }

Loves! I've changed my skin. Hooray hooray. I've been wanting to change the template of my blog for days and it so happened that I got a little bit diligent today and I was in the mood so I've come up with this look as a result.

Very faint, isn't it? Monochrome but I don't find it dull. I think that dullness doesn't always refer to the blackness and whiteness but it is something that's in the eye of the beholder; just like what beauty is, ne? And I don't find my current skin very dull but rather calming and soothing. Nuff said.

Last November 2, my family and I went out for a night swimming. It's nice to go outside with family once in a while.

I think my shyness is severe. I didn't go for swimming right away when we arrived at the resort because there were too many people. I stayed there in our spot until it was evening before I dived into the pool. It's like, every type of crowd is making me very uneasy. And while at the pool, my sister was like,"Why, do you really enjoy swimming alone?" and I wanted to snap back at her, "Oh no. It's just that you guys are born fishes that could swim very well. I can't keep up." but I didn't. I can only float in the water and while resting on water, because I am becoming a total Potterhead, I was thinking that I was floating by magic and that the birds were owls. Not to mention that stars look very magical at night. I realized that it was good in feeling gazing at the stars.

It was really a brilliant idea to go out that time and create some memories because Dad will be leaving home tonight because his flight for Saudi Arabia will be on the 6th. Hyuu. We won't see each other again for a year and I couldn't be more sad.  My mom is away as well and it's me who's in charge of maintaining the house and guiding my siblings.

The responsibility is great and knowing myself, I am an irresponsible person. I always rely on people and I barely could stand on my own feet. I am scared. It's like I'm put into a battle with no weapon nor shield. At least I have God and prayer.

I know that everything will not be the same for me again with this kind of responsibility. I must not think of myself only but the house and my siblings, since I am the eldest. I am in-charge in budgeting and paying all the bills. Not just that but I'm also kind of responsible in helping my siblings with their homework.

Not long ago, I just sit around the house doing nothing and totally careering my being-a-lazy-headed-bum but now, everything's changed. What my mom used to do at home is now my work- chores, difficult budgeting and taking my siblings for shopping. Gaaah. I am doomed.

I just hope I can do well.

Few days ago, I've noticed a difference in myself. I've developed a habit of chewing my bottom lip. I've just read the said action from Fifty Shades of Grey a lot of times and now I am doing it. Speaking of the mentioned book, I think I'll no longer read the novel because the rated scenes are just too much and like my friend said, I don't see the point of the novel. Is it about the girl complying to all Grey's commands? Is it all about the rated scenes? Or is it about what? Maybe I''ll just look for Harry Potter e-books on the internet and will start reading them. I'm currently looking for some local (online as well) stores that sell 1st edition books of Harry Potter for collection. I know it'll be very pricey but I'm going to save money for it as well.

I am so glad that our classes will start on the 12th unlike the others that have their classes resume tomorrow. (November 5th.) I still have time to slack off (just a little) and if I have enough free time, I'll start reading Harry Potter.

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