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Cried and Laughed a lot.
written on Monday, November 5, 2012 @ 8:49 PM ✨{ 13 comments }

I typed this last night at 11:44PM after my dad left.

So, my dad already left. As soon as he unclasped from my hug, I wanted to burst into tears. Luckily, I was able to hold the stubborn tears from falling until I was on my bed. I heard my little brother crying down in his bed and from that moment, I wanted break down and just cry. He’s very affected by the thought dad leaving home. After all, he’s just still a kid and he only has sisters so I’m not surprised if he longs for a father’s love that. I am a daddy’s girl, you know and until now, I am still crying whenever my dad leaves for work. It’s always been like this ever since I was born and here I am, helplessly crying like a baby. I didn’t know what to do with my little brother. He was sobbing so hard while telling me, “Daddy’s gone now. He won’t be able to see my exam papers anymore. He won’t be able to buy me a toy when he sees how good my scores are.” I was crying while he said those words to me. Thank goodness, the lights were off so they were clueless that I was crying. I cooed my brother and told him that dad wasn’t really gone. He’s just a chat away on Facebook and that we’ll scan every exam papers of his and we’ll let our daddy know about it. I know that my little sister’s crying too. She sure was good at hiding it although we’re just in one room. I feel sorry for them. It hurts to be helplessly crying at night. Here I am, sobbing so hard, trying so hard not to make any sound of my cry. It’s hard keeping it all inside my chest. I miss my daddy. I miss him so much. Hours ago he was just here and after a sec, he was gone. His four months stay here felt like seconds. I am going to miss his cooking. I am going to miss our techy conversations. We always talk about smartphones, tablets you know. My dad isn’t a very affectionate and a showy man but he’s sincere, loving and very understandable. I remember when I lost my phone, I ran to him hugged him and he just let me. He cooed me and told me it’s alright, at least I wasn’t harmed. He used to wake up early every morning and cook something for us before we go to school too. He has been a mother to us as well now that Mom is away too. Now, both of them are away. I don’t know if I can fulfil the longing of my siblings for a parent’s love and care. Why can’t I just stop crying? I have to face a year without our parents beside us. Now, all I can do is pray for their safety, health happiness while they are away. It will be very challenging and difficult in my part to handle all the things but I put everything in God’s hands now. I can’t wait again until my parents come home and we will be together again.
Today, I wasn't supposed to go to school because my eyes are very swollen, I was attacked by heavy headache and something came up with the house's electricity. But since Camille already got home from her vacation, she was bugging me to go to school today so we could meet up. That girl, I've missed her so much!

Although I really have no intention of going to school and I just went there by force, it was really good to meet up with Camille today. Somehow my sadness and loneliness ebbed away and she was able to make me laugh hard today. Also, she bought me gifts. She has cheered me up.

She bought me bear litter bin and a blue bear coin bank. ♥ She's so sweet and very thoughtful!

We also had our late lunch at Tokyo Tokyo. It's my first time trying Japanese dish and so far I was loving tonkatsu and tempura. I didn't like their soup, though. The photos were in Camille's phone because I didn't bring a camera with me.

We also checked the arcade area and we tried dance revo. There's this cute guy (?) who has perfect Asian eyes that Camille talked to. She asked him (Idk if it's a she or he. He looks like a girl. Or a girl with boyish outfit.) to teach me how to play the game. Camille told me about it and the reason why she asked him was because she liked the guy for me, although the guy was with a girl and they seem very sweet together. LOL Camille. What a friend. XD The guy/girl (whatever) is cute to be very honest and he/she looked very innocent. But I wasn't fangirling him. It was Camille who did the fangirling over pairing me to the guy. Aigoo~

Camille also told me a lot about her trip and by her stories, she really had so much fun! I'm happy for her. She was able to try zip-line and snorkeling and other water/land activities. She hope that by next time, she'll be able to it again with us, her friends.

I don't know but as I grow up, I'm getting stupid and stupider. On my way home, I rode the wrong transportation! I was sitting pretty and relaxed inside the vehicle and it was almost late for me to realize that I was going a wrong way. Luckily, I found a spot where the vehicles to my city are passing by and I dropped myself there. So yea, it's kind late when I got home.

I'm really kind of in a hurry doing this blog post because my great dad set a timer on our internet and it will be blocked at 9.30PM everyday. Huhu

Won't forget a selca! Haha!!

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