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Severus Snape
written on Tuesday, October 30, 2012 @ 9:10 PM ✨{ 8 comments }

I cried very hard at that part too. Definitely the most heart-touching part among the entire Harry Potter film series. I feel like crying again right now when I remember it. It' just so sad seeing Snape being bitten by Nagini (The snake) and after, Harry went to him and Snape shed tears! Aigoo. And the thought that Severus was in love with Harry's mom, I wonder if J.K Rowling's Harry Potter would be Harry Snape if only Harry's mom married Severus. I think Severus would make a great dad, too. Actually, I'm re-watching all 8-film series of Harry Potter and I'm done with The Sorcerer's Stone. Such a good thing that starting tomorrow, it's 4-day holiday again and it's a good timing to stay up late and do movie marathon.

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Today, I was at school for my internship. This day has been really productive and I can't help but feel a bit proud o myself. I've done well with the enrollment system with my co-interns. Hearing thank you and seeing smiles from the students made me really happy. I've given a chance to meet new people too who're taking internship as well. Although I haven't chatted with them yet because I am such a socially awkward, I am glad that there are new people around me. (One of the new people I'm referring to is my classmate last semester. We never really talked to each other.) This week, I've always been sleepy. I sleep during my way to school and I sleep during my way home. Sometimes, if I get a chance, I sleep during my shifts too and Idk why.

You know, I'm really expecting that ber-months will be as cold as on Rainy days but gaah, it feels like it's still summer here! Or worse, hotter than summer. I think I won't be able to wear knitwear on Christmas. Huhu

I think I'm blogging a lot lesser now. Days have been very uneventful and most of the time, I am just at home. Mianhae!!

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