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written on Sunday, October 21, 2012 @ 3:08 PM ✨{ 7 comments }

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So yea, it's officially semester-break! I am so glad I survived the whole semester. Although I am not sure if I am going to pass all my subjects, I am just glad that I didn't die out there struggling with all the school works. What I loved the most was the defenses and rushing part! I've experienced passing a requirement at the very last minute. We were running here and there until passed 6PM! (´∀`)

When I wore a corporate attire, my classmates were like, "Oh! A Japanese that's going to a funeral!" it is because I was wearing all-black. And Japanese?!! I am a Filipino like you, classmates.  I wanted to show you guys how I looked when I wore a corporate attire last Monday but too bad I didn't take a pic of me. I am very sorry!

To compensate, I am gonna spam you guys with some cam-whoring of Camille and I at Pebble Beach Cafe last night after school. And I learned my lesson. Bring camera with you all the time. Camille and I just settled ourselves with WebcamToy, the life saver of the night. lol


I didn't know the webcam timer was already rolling. I was busy trying to sip the whipped cream. It was my first time chillin' at Pebble Beach Cafe and I had Chocolate Nutty Frappe and Chocolate Muffin . I think next semester, we'd hang out there more often because I liked it there.

And the selca-whoring went on...
(omg. I won't let go of the straw. lol)

and on...

and on!!!ヘ( ^O^)ノ\(^_^ )
I love this picture because of the bokeh effect.

And it didn't stop right there. Camille asked me to do the batman eyemask style but I couldn't do it.

Forgive me!! (*ノДノ)

I've planned of spending my two-week break from school by reading E.L James' three books of Fifty Shades. I have finally found some time to indulge myself in this book recommended by many of my friends.


Oh!!! I remember, I don't think I'd be able to hang out on Pebble Beach Cafe that often and I'm afraid I won't be able to enjoy my break because I remembered that my friend reminded me that we were called to report in school for our on-the-job-training. Huhu  I hope they'd be very kind enough to give us at least a week off before they gonna call us to report for work. Aigoo~

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