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Rilakkuma Slippers.
written on Friday, October 12, 2012 @ 9:00 PM ✨{ 7 comments }

Last Tuesday, I was supposed to receive the Rilakkuma slippers that I ordered online because it was the day the seller told me it would be delivered to my house. I went home late from school last Tuesday and as I entered the house, I immediately looked for the package. I asked my parents and they told me nothing arrived. I contacted the seller and she told me the package was already been delivered and it was signed by a name of a guy that I don't know! I was going hysterical because I thought my package was lost and has been received by a stranger! I was a little bit mad because I even paid for it using my dying allowance. I never ask my parents to buy me my possessions. I always use my own money. I need to starve for a week to buy things for myself and then I'd hear from the seller that the package was already delivered yet I received nothing!

Then on Wednesday, I woke up with the package beside me. My parents put the package beside me and they told me it was the guard of the subdivision who received the package that's why the name of the recipient in the track details was unfamiliar. Lolol. Thank God my item was safe and sound!

I love it! Super fluffy I always wear it and wanting not to put em off anymore. Lolol I'll stop buying things (esp Rilakkuma) for a while because I need to sustain my cravings for Caesar salad with my poor wallet.

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