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Little finds
written on Monday, October 1, 2012 @ 10:00 PM ✨{ 13 comments }

Today at school, they let us make an origami. I folded a paper into a seahorse and it didn't look good. LOL I got score 11 out of 15 because the last folding weren't right. But I still feel good because it was my first paper folding after some years.

My dad, lil brother and I bumped into this new general merchandise wherein they go adorable cheap items. I only got to buy these though. Little finds!

Usamimi headband, bunny hair cips, animal print hair clips.

I got all of those for a dollar. I am so gonna go back in that store for the cute fluffy earmuffs they have and the kawaii character hats they have.

Wearing the usamimi.

Planning of wearing the usamimi headband at school but I am having major second thoughts because people might see it weird.

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