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written on Friday, October 12, 2012 @ 8:42 PM ✨{ 5 comments }

Do you have someone special right now? What would you feel if you're being hated because you like that person? What would you feel when someone indirectly tells you hateful words because you just helplessly like someone?

 This week, I've been dealing with an issue. I told you guys that my crush is courting someone. And that girl, oh well, I think she hates me. I don't know. I've had a conversation about my crush with a new friend because apparently, she likes Mikkel too. And then last Monday, I checked my Twitter account and I saw that the girl 'favorited' my tweet stating that I have a crush on Mikkel. I checked her profile and geez, she tweeted really scary words! She was like, "Huwag lang magkukrus landas natin, girl. Hindi ako natatakot sa yateng mukha mo!" (Don't let our paths be crossed, girl. I am not afraid of your yacht-like face!" , "Maliit lang ang school, tantyahan nalang manang." , "Mukhang may kakalbuhin ako bukas." (It looks like I'm gonna pull out someone's hair tomorrow.)

Seriously, those words hurt me... and pissed me off. What the hell is her problem? She's being like that because I like her suitor? Wth. They aren't even together yet! She's being so overprotective to someone she doesn't even own. Seriously, I don't wanna say bad things about the girl because I don't wanna judge her but she's seriously getting on my nerves! I am just getting a hold of myself because I am mature enough to think of that. I am mature enough to not get into a fight especially if it's just over a guy. To think that the girl is older than me and she's being like this. Ugh.

You guys can tell me I am being paranoid and maybe I am not the one who she's talking about but I am 100% sure that she's referring about me.

Kristen: Huwaa. My face's damaged! Dammit.
Her: Wahahaha. Your face is already damaged dear. Late to realize?!!

I was like. WTF. Patience Kristen, patience. And then last Wednesday, my friend Camille whom I love so much, kinda went to the girl indirectly. I mean, she went to were the girl was and she was like, "Oh hey, classmate, do you know the girl who's messing with Kristen? Is she here? Is she here?!!! Tell me!" and they told me the girl left that time. I wasn't around so I didn't see what really happened. When I heard of that, I apologized to the girl through SMS in behalf of Camille's action. She replied that it was okay but I don't know if it's real or not. Oh well, at least I apologized although she's the one who started all of this.

Okay. I've been ranting a lot these past few weeks. I didn't want to. As much as possible, I just want to write happy thoughts here but you know, I need to let this all out or else I am going to die if I keep all of these inside my chest. I might have a sudden heart attack! Aigoo~~

I just hope she'd stop being so possessive about something she doesn't even own. More importantly, at her age, she needs to grow up.

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