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written on Sunday, October 7, 2012 @ 2:52 PM ✨{ 18 comments }

Don't mind my previous post, I was heartbroken last night because I learned that Mikkel already like someone and he didn't even reply to my message. oTL But yea, I'll be okay. I know I'll be okay soon. He's just a guy I barely knew.

So yea, last Friday, I arrived home from school being greeted by my new baby!

Isn't he so fluffy and cute? He's just a lil bit thin so I decided to put stuffing inside him when semester break starts.

Last week, I was badly craving for Caesar salad. I even look for recipes on the internet but since I am no good at the kitchen, it was no use. I felt like dying not being able to have last Monday night and was cravings somehow ebbed away when I ate a bowl of Caesar salad last Tuesday.

It doesn't look good in the picture but I swear you guys it tasted heavenly! I think I can survive living just eating this. Just talking about this salad is making me have another big bowl of it again!

(Photo from Google.)
A friend of mine recommended and lent me this book. She said it has helped her a lot and she can't wait until I finish this, too. Also, I'm currently reading the manga Hiyokoi. I've learned about the manga a year ago but I just got to read this now. So far I like the story especially the height differences of the main characters. Because of the manga, I think baby chicks are growing on me now. I heard that the manga has it's anime now.

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