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Caesar Salad + The Ninth Gate
written on Sunday, October 14, 2012 @ 3:25 PM ✨{ 20 comments }

Yesterday, my dad, little brother and I went shopping for some food supplies. Luckily, I saw a Caesar salad dressing available so along with it, I also grabbed some lettuce, cabbage and cheese from the grocery. I couldn't find any romaine lettuce in the grocery so I just grabbed the plain/average/common lettuce. My dad opted to grab some cucumbers as well but I stopped him. I hate cucumbers; from it's smell to it's taste. I just get to appreciate it when I grate it and use it as a homemade mask.

 So when we arrived home, while my dad was preparing dinner, I tried my luck in the kitchen dressing Caesar salad.

Tada! My first ever masterpiece made out of the kitchen. It didn't look as similar as to how Caesar salad always look like but the taste was better than I hoped for. Even I myself was impressed. I usually suck at trying new things but this went better than I expected. The bummer-in-the-kitchen is proud!

I made a big bowl of Caesar salad but it looked like it couldn't supply 2 servings because my little brother, that night, had developed love and favor for this salad. The thought of my little brother liking the salad as much as I do still hasn't sunk in me yet until now. A 7-year-old kid who almost had finished a big bowl of salad if ever I wasn't helping him. Aigoo.

Today, I was bored to death. I am worrying about my defense tomorrow because until now, I haven't yet touched the file that we're gonna report. It's like I was born to slack off even if the current situation is a matter of life and death. I've been worrying a lot today but I don't know why. It's like, I could sense that next week's gonna be a hell week for me.

So yea, instead of studying, I just watched Johnny Depp's old film, The Ninth Gate. A friend from Australia recommended me the movie and just like what he said, I'll definitely like it!

Although I didn't get the ending clearly, the movie impressed me. Not that it impressed me with regards to cool effects and camera tricks, but it has impressed me with the story line I guess. I don't know. Just after watching the movie, I was like dumbstruck and it's like the movie wouldn't sink in my head properly. I am not good at reviewing films but I just wanna say that I recommend this one. As always, Johnny Depp's great. But I google-d the movie further and I learned some mistakes committed in the film. They were very funny tbvh.

Okay. I'm off now. I've been sneezing a lot today probably my allergies are attacking again. I'm gonna make Caesar salad again to calm my worrying.

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