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And we talked again..
written on Friday, October 5, 2012 @ 11:34 PM ✨{ 7 comments }
After 3 weeks, we finally talked to each other again! Aigoo. 3 weeks of not talking to him sucked. I was waiting eagerly for us to have a conversation again but it just happened now. Slow progress. The term is nearly ending and we're not friends yet. Hyuuu~~

It happened on our CISCO laboratory time again. Same day, Friday.  friend and I sat on our usual spot and I was surprised he sat beside me.... alone. He didn't sit with his friends idk why. Maybe he ran out of units there. Yea, maybe. My friend was elbowing me and being so obvious. She knows that I like Mikkel and she's being so obvious about it. Thanks Noelle, you were doing great. -3- Aigoo~

He checked the unit beside me and too bad it wasn't working so he just took the computer a bit farther from mine but he still was on my right. I was thinking of tons of ways on how to open a conversation with him because to be very honest, I have missed conversing with him. We don't talk about special things but it's like every second is precious when we talk to each other. Maybe because we rarely chat and that's how every moment with him seem to be so important.

While literally looking at the monitor, I was sensing his every move. (Okay. A bit far-fetched and it sounded like I'm a huge stalker. LOL) I heard him asking some of our classmates who among them brought their crimping kit because he needed to crimp his wires and RJ-45 because the passing was today. And I imagined myself like, "Oh hey. I brought mine. You can use it." with fluttering my eye lashes. LOLOL Crazy thoughts. I wasn't able to lend him my crimping kit though. I didn't approach him and he ady have borrowed from our classmates. oTL

We were called one by one in the front to test our made RJ-45 wires and kyaa, I got a grade 98! All of my wires worked perfectly. When I went back to my seat, Mikkel approached me and stood beside me while I was on my seat and looked at my wires. OMG. He was so close to me I could hear my heart going wild inside my chest! Swear. He was very close to me I had the urge to step back away from him because I wasn't sure if I was smelling good. His voice sounded like a nice melody to my ears.

His wires didn't work though. They said the cap weren't closed enough. He needs to re-do it and omg doing RJ-45 wires is difficult for me. He was net browsing when I called him by his name. He turned immediately to me like he was shocked or something. Idk or was it just me? Then yea, I asked him how his work went. I just had very few conversation with him.

After writing this, I've realized we didn't even have much of conversation. But why do I feel like we've talked a lot today? Why do I feel like my day is beyond complete? Like the short moment I had with him today is worth a blog post? I even barely know him. Yes, we've been classmates for a lot of terms now but we didn't even talk before. And now, a simple hi isn't that easy to say. But being close to him is already fine. A very short conversation with him is already a blessing. Uh oh.. am I falling? Hopefully not. Not ready to get hurt yet.

Tonight, a friend of mine asked me to add Mikkel on facebook. I didn't want to but she's pretty persistent so I added Mikkel and after some seconds, my request was finally accepted! My heart was beating so fast knowing that he's online and that he accepted my request. I was contemplating whether I'd prompt him a message or not. I don't wanna look like a stalker (when in fact I am) but I'm dying to talk to him. I wasn't prepared and I didn't wanna make things get more awkward so I didn't. Hyuuu~

I am having mixed emotions now. I just checked my online chat list and Mikkel is online again. OMG.

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