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This day couldn't get any worse.
written on Friday, September 21, 2012 @ 10:32 PM ✨{ 10 comments }

This day couldn't get any worse.  I sorta made everything okay with Tom but it's my other friend that I am now having misunderstanding with again. I don't know anymore. I think since they are all having troubles with me, the problem is, then, with me. Maybe I've been a bad friend. I didn't treat them the way they want to be treated. I am very sorry I couldn't fulfill a perfect role as a friend. I am seriously crying right now. Today, I phone called my other friend and guess what, she sounded very annoyed over the phone. She was sort of mad because I asked her. She was like, "Fine. If you don't believe me then get the hell down there and go here in the canteen for you to talk to our instructor personally!" then she quickly ended the call. That wasn't exactly what she said because she said it in our native language. I really have this heavy feeling on me. Tom prompted me a message on facebook right now and we're settling things at the moment. Ugh, life is being hard on me at the moment. I just hope this drama will be over so soon because I hate every bits of it.

Ugh enough about this! On another note, I wanna remember all the good things that has happened to me this week.

Last monday, I went out with my friends.

The tiny pizza was really cute and fluffy to bite!

You guys would be seeing this salad every once in a while because I seriously love it!! I need to learn making this at home so whenever I feel depressed, this could be my comfort food plus it will make me slimmer! hohoho

(Wow. Just swooning over those foods ady made me feel a lit bit better! Talk about sudden change of )

We also went to the mall and saw these adorable stuffs.

You can purchase them for only (less) than $2 at Kenko shop. We went to karaoke as well!

I just sang a single Kpop song and the rest were Westerns because my friends had enough of my Korean last last time we went karaoke. lol Also, we were inside a gaming center and believe me, Camille (my friend) is really good at basketball! People couldn't really help but stop at their positions and watch Camille as she shoot every ball perfectly. She's a player!

That's Camille and I. (We're not in good terms right now.)

I'm a racer hopelessly getting the 40th place. lol

Met Donghae inside the mall too! LOLOL.
I seriously love this! Every gulp leaves a cool feeling in my mouth even if it wasn't refrigerated. Great for hot weather!
Also, yesterday, as I promised, I made my own homework. I didn't copy anymore. Yaaay! lol  But unfortunately, our instructor didn't come to meet us because he was busy judging the graduating students defending their thesis and systems.

Being an eccedentesiast sometimes make me feel better. I mean, if my problem is hopeless, the last option would be pretending that everything's gonna be alright. Smile and pretend nothing's wrong. Sometimes, it works as if you could really forget about your problems. Right now, my mood really changed from bad to good. Thanks to this post. I just hope that I won't find myself crying again over the things that's happening lately because it sucks being so weak.

Goodnight people and thank you for all the support and love you are giving me. I love you all! I sincerely am grateful that I have you guys. I wasn't alone at all. I have you. I hope it would rain tonight so I won't drown myself on overthinking and I could get a calm and peaceful sleep.

Goodnight! Selcas tonight.

I look like I wasn't sad at all. lol Being a Gemini is great. You're sad but your twin inside of you makes you feel better. :3 Talking about comforting your own self.

I seriously find myself sexy in the last picture. HAHAHA. Perhaps its the duck lips? LOLOL. Byes.

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