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written on Monday, September 24, 2012 @ 7:04 PM ✨{ 6 comments }

Home from school!!

Hello! Ugh, my head's throbbing badly right now. It was very hot today that caused me this. Anyways, I went to school today and I was pretty stunned and satisfied with the score I got on our Arts Appreciation subject because I didn't get to review my notes there and that what I only had to count on was my stocked knowledge and guess what, I got 65/80. Yep, I am ady happy with my score.  I think I seriously could have done better if I studied my notes. Hehehe.

(Sudden change of mood...)

Do you know what's making me upset every Monday? It is travelling for two hours for my one and a half hour of a minor subject. Worse, it is the only subject I got every Monday. Then I have to travel back home while the sun is high up. I take public transportation so it isn't really a good thing. I have to deal with hotness and pollution. That is why I am always almost late in my class. Although I am getting unwanted attention whenever I enter the class about 10mins late or so, I am still grateful that my instructor isn't dropping my class card to the Student's Affair Office. She's cool and very pretty. Her male students are all swooning over her. And she calls us baby girl and baby boy. Lolol Isn't she the most adorable?

Tomorrow, I have heaps of classes in the main building of the school so probably I'm gonna meet my friends. Whew. I just hope everything will be okay. *crossed-fingers*

This might be interesting so I'm gonna post this. Right now, while I am making this post, I am chatting with a friend over the internet who used to be my tumblr crush but not really anymore.  I used to be a fangirl of his blog and a silent reader but now we're friends. And today, we chatted again and look he said.

ASDFGHJKL~~^%$%$@&@%~!@$#%$^$#!! Too bad I don't like him like that anymore. Lolol

Since I don't have any other interesting thing to blog anymore and I don't want to spam you guys of my vanity, I am just going to post my song cover I did months ago. I am just going to do more of blogwalking and following interesting blogs right now. In the mean time until I get something interesting to share, here's my crappy voice. lol Goobai and thanks!

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