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written on Sunday, September 2, 2012 @ 11:26 PM ✨{ 19 comments }

Hello! Happy Sunday everyone! Weekend is, ugh, finally coming to an end and it's gonna be Monday again and school will resume so I'm kinda depressed.  But anyways, it's nice that I have visited the church again after two weeks. I wasn't able to go to the church for the past two weeks because firstly, I was sick and then last week, we weren't able to go to the church because I was lazy to go out. I know, the latter reason wasn't even valid.

You know guys that I am a frustrated singer right? And frustrated singers try their very best to sing. Well, I always do that so here's a cover I did two months ago. I really like to sing. I know in myself that my voice wouldn't any get recording contracts and that it isn't good but this love that I have for music is keeping me to sing.  Seriously, it's one of my favorite things to do. I was just doing the cover for fun. Low quality and whatnot. Forgive me.

I was supposed to wear shorts for today and this was how it's gonna look like:
But since I was going to the church, I don't think wearing mini-shorts was a good idea so I changed em to this:

If you see, the shirt I'm wearing, I've worn it like a couple of days ago and wore it again today. After it was washed and dried, I wore it again. lol I just felt the need to wear em again since I was having this dark and camouflage concept. I don't own any other black shirts beside this.  I think that black color doesn't suit me because I am tan and I think it would just make me look darker. 

Top from Whatever!
Ripped pants from mommy
Furry boots from the thriftshop (I'm a thriftshopper!)


After having a mass in the church, we headed to a grocery store to grab some supplies.

Yea right. I was their cart pusher. lol

I was even the one who decides for hotdogs. lolol Don't I resemble a dwarf? Because seriously, I look so short here. Aigoo~

And lastly, there's dad paying and there's me face-trolling. HAHA. 

I guess that's all of it for this post! Wish me luck on school and hope all you guys have a good day always! xoxo 

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