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written on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 @ 12:38 AM ✨{ 8 comments }

This is just going to be a quick post because I have school tomorrow at 8AM and it's past midnight here. Need at least 7hours of sleep.

I only had one subject today at school and I planned on going home early after class but it didn't happen because I bumped Camille at the main campus that ended us up to take home at almost 6PM.

I missed her so much! It's been just a couple of days that we didn't see each other but it felt like a decade! I wasn't so hungry when we ate lunch so I felt like my tummy seriously bloated after eating @ Pizza Hut.

We had garlic bread, Caesar salad, cheeseburger pizza and spaghetti bolognese. Wasn't able to take a photo of the spaghetti bolognese though.

I loved this day because Camille told me a lot of things. She sure did miss me. Kkk.  She told me about her families and her relatives overseas. She told me that this is gonna be our last meal outside because she's gonna try her really hard now to lose weight because her sister just bought her a pair of swimsuits. lol Isn't she the most adorable? What I like about Camille is that whenever we're together, I always laugh. There wasn't a time when I she didn't make me smile, laugh and happy. She's so jolly, hyper and talkative! That makes her the best.

I saw my high school classmates at the mall too; one was my closest friend in our class before and the other one was her boyfriend who was my classmate too. I guess people really change. Rochille (my closest friend in high school) was the person I was always with in our high school. You'd always see us together and that lasted for 3years. We ate together; out of our group, we're the ones that always look out for each other. I always got her back; she got mine too. But now, we could barely say a word to each other. We just managed to greet ourselves. On the other hand, it was her boyfriend which was my classmate too that time who managed to exchange conversations with me. I seriously hate the fact that I couldn't talk to Rochille the way we used to chat before. We stood there like we just met; that we didn't have memories together. I seriously felt hurt and sad.  But I think such things happen. Learn to MOVE ON.

So yea, we were leaving the mall when Camille and I spotted her crush. He was just about to enter and we were leaving through the exit. Camille and I exchanged glances and rushed to go outside to the mall and headed to the entrance again! Stalking time We stalked her crush up to the second floor of the building. Camille was like, "Omg shobe, stop this. My heart's beating so fast! Retreat!" And I was like, "Come on, this just happens once! What if he's gonna meet my crush?" then dragged her with me. After some time, Camille went stiffed then she was whispering my name, I looked to her then she gestured upwards then there I saw his crush. I was grinning when his crush noticed me! Huwaaa. BUSTED. We ran away to Watsons. LOL. That was fun! Camille told me she nearly died! LOL.

After that, we spent the remaining hours of us together by visiting clothing stores. I went to try out some dresses and tops and there were a couple of clothing that I like to buy. I couldn't have it for now because I'm seriously broke. I am trying to save some money for my oppa's upcoming birthday too.

We have visited more than 10 clothing stores in town. I think I wouldn't be able to take a peaceful sleep because I'm going to be thinking of the dress and the top that I just saw whole night. My feet ache until now but it was worth the time I had with my friend.

Le me derpin'. lol  NVM.

Tonight, I didn't expect that my little sister would tell me things about her love life on how she's doing with her boyfriend right now. She's just merely 13 years old but I am quite amazed on how she can handle this kind of matter. I know that my sister is a good person. She didn't want this kind of thing but she just fell in love. And I like how she takes care of this matter. She really knows how to handle things like this. I mean, she and her boyfriend are in really good terms and are not having problems. Well, they're having problems because some people are wanting them to be apart. But what I like about her guy is that he was willing to sacrifice just for their relationship like he would give up being in a basketball team for her because his coach was pressuring him too much about dating my sister. They're going to have their 3rd-month anniversary on the 12th and I couldn't be happier for my sister. I am glad she has found her love. And I am kinda jealous because I don't even have one. HAHA.

And also, I just realized tonight that my sister is really a good friend and a person; throughout the worst days she's currently having because of her so-called best friend, she never made an action against her best friend. My sister was like, "I'm not even sure if she really was my best friend. She's bringing me down you know." in a low voice to me. I felt sad for my sister; she sounded hurt. She told me why she didn't make any move against her best friend was because she's afraid that the girls in school would bully her and be against her. She doesn't want to be alone. The reason also why her best friend was holding a grudge against her was because my sister was gaining all of the guys' attentions in their school. From teachers to students. I don't know but I concluded that my sis' best friend was madly jealous. I hate that she's hurting my sister. My sis even told me that her best friend  frequently yells at her and embarrasses her in front of the class or even school. But she's not making any move because she believes that this is just all of a misunderstanding and it will be over soon. I hope it is or else I'm gonna show her best friend what a big sister could do. A lot of girls in school is hating my sister because she's getting all the guys' attention. That's what she said.  Could they even blame my sis when they're acting like this and the boys are seeing their evilness towards her? It wasn't my sister too who's getting too attached with the guys but it's the guys who keep on staying close to her.

There was even a time when a teacher from their school asked my sister about her  relationship with his boyfriend. Apparently, that teacher was the coach of the basketball team. My sister told him the truth and the teacher kind of demanded to split up with my sis' boyfriend so that guy could have his head in the game. My sister was in the verge of crying and guess who offered hankies to her? Her male classmates. They offered her hankies but she refused em all. They ever offered her a hug but she didn't accept them because she couldn't afford another hate from her girl classmates anymore. She's suffering a lot now and I can tell that. I am really glad that she has told me about all of these things because I know that she feels a little better now.

Wait, did I just say this was just going to be a quick post?


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