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LOL movie review
written on Thursday, September 13, 2012 @ 7:14 PM ✨{ 5 comments }
  Heart on Fire - Jonathan Clay ♪


It's Thursday and I didn't go to school today because I have a feeling my instructors wouldn't be around and I am feeling super lazy today.. as always. My dad seriously need not to see this post.  So, what I did the whole day was surf the net, doodle and watch Miley Cyrus' new movie entitled LOL. Yep, seriously, LOL's the title. I don't know but I always have this feeling that whenever I read the title, I feel like the movie's trolling me or something. Like it's a comedy movie or whatever. I'll try to make this post look like a review so the title would be sort of relevant. And oh, the soundtrack above is the OST of the movie. A really nice song.

What made me love this movie is this guy.

Aigoo~ isn't he the most adorable guy????  His name on the movie was Kyle and sorry but I won't be telling you guys about his real name. If possible, I want you guys to stalk him over the internet so I won't feel like I'm the only stalker alive in this planet. Really sorry!

The story plot was just okay. I won't be telling any parts of the movie just so I won't ruin your anticipation. I would rate the movie 4 bows out 5.

I could have liked it more if the story was mainly about the friend-zone thing. I think it would help those teens who are troubling with "just being friends" with the ones that they love.

  • I like how this movie didn't just revolve around Lola and Kyle's world. I mean, the movie also showed some mother-daughter issues and other-affairs. It also showed the love stories of the rest of the clique.
  • Kyle is extremely gorgeous.
  • Catchy soundtrack. 
  • I was really hoping that this movie would make me crazy. It was so close!!
  • I didn't laugh. Not even once.
  • I kinda dislike that this movie lacked about the friend-zone issue. I know, I've been fussing about friend-zone and no, I don't like a friend of mine. lol

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