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I am so emotionally unstable!!
written on Thursday, September 6, 2012 @ 6:16 PM ✨{ 11 comments }

Hello! Finally, I was able to blog again. I was online last night and had the urge to post something but I was busy doing my homework and watching Mean Girls 2. I don't know but I really find Colin Dennard super cute in that movie. I prefer Mean Girls than Mean Girls 2 though. Love Lindsay a lot!

The doodle above was my first doodle, ever! I used sai paint tool and I know it isn't that great but I really feel proud that I was able to make a doodle! It's like, doodling was one of my dreams that came true. lol

Yesterday I had Caesar salad and spaghetti carbonara as my lunch.

My all-time favorite @ Pizza Hut!

I wasn't planning on eating lunch because I'm trying to lose weight but ugh, my great friend Noelle lured me into Pizza Hut. Great.

My day yesterday wasn't that good because I didn't get to hang out with Camille. She's my coolest and greatest friend ever! And today, we didn't get to see each other too. Screw our different schedule.  Camille is kinda sick today so I hope for my friend's recovery!

Seriously, something or rather, 'someone' just distracted me from blogging. I shouldn't have checked my Facebook not until I was done telling stories here because I easily lose my concentration at things and now, my concentration is on the guy's bright face! Wanna know who's he? You'll know him at the end of this post. No skipping.  

So yesterday, I had a new experience. 

Lesson!! Do not get yourself into something when you're on your way home because you might just lose track of your home and accidentally passed by your house without knowing.

On my way home yesterday, I was reading this story I've found on Wattpad. I don't know how much have I read but when I looked up to see where I was already, I couldn't recognize the way anymore. I was like, "Where am I?" then that was the time I realized I was already passed by our house and lost track home. -3- The driver took the other passenger home before he dropped me back to my house. I felt sorry for the driver because he had to waste extra gasoline for me to get home so I just paid him more than I should have paid. I kinda shrieked because it was already dark that time and the passenger whom I got to share vehicle with lived in a somewhat-forest-like place. I don't know if that's even part of the map. OTL

Last night also, I reformatted my phone's internal and external memory. My phone was acting weird telling me that I've used up to 11GB already when the files I have in my phone was very few! I even doubt it could occupy 5GB. So I just decided to hard reset my phone. I backed up all my files before reformatting. Oh! not ALL. Almost. I was very devastated last night because I just reformatted my external memory without even backing up the most important folder!!!! I was so furious and mad and sad and all negative emotions you could think of. Those WERE recent photos!  Ugh

 But I'm okay now, I'm not sulking over the lost folder anymore because I don't really get upset over things for a long time. Just a characteristic I love about Gemini people like me.  Omg, at some point I was stating my anger here and now, I'm like okay again. Aigoo~ very emotionally unstable. Sorry if I'm confusing a lot of you!

So the guy who just distracted me was him.

Meet my ultimate Kpop bias, B1A4's CNU.

He's the reason why I wanna see B1A4 badly. I hope they would be included in Kpop Fantasy Concert here on January 2013! Now tell me, who wouldn't get stars-trucked with this guy even if you're in the middle of blogging? He looks perfect to me. And he's a Gemini too! I really wonder if he has this weird traits of Gemini people like I have because seriously I'm really a quiet person but eventually will become so hyper like it isn't normal anymore. I don't know if you guys know what I mean. It's like there's a time you could be the quietest person and the next moment, you'll be the craziest like you've gone wild! 

So yea, I like that guy so much I'm planning of putting his picture on my ceiling. LOL (Creepy stalker!)

[edit] This has happened a while ago. I heard my dad having a conversation with my little brother about when he's gonna start to date. My dad told my little brother that he isn't allowed to date until he reaches college. I turned to my dad and said, "Since I'm already in college, am I allowed to date?". And dad was like, "SURE." OMG. I was just kidding but I think he mean't it! LOL. His answer caught me off guard. I'm still laughing at this moment because I find it funny. He allowed me to date when I wasn't expecting it. LOL Ok byes.

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