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Can You Let Me Copy Your Homework?
written on Saturday, September 15, 2012 @ 4:21 PM ✨{ 27 comments }

OMG. Yesterday was the best day ever. After what felt like a decade, it already happened.

I entered our classroom alone because my friends were grabbing lunch. I had an early lunch so I just decided to wait for them in class. I sat on our usual spot. Unluckily, I was the only one in the row and i felt like I was some kind of a wet chick- all alone and like everybody doesn't want to sit next to me. I was playing with the keyboard of the unit I'm gonna use when my instructor asked us about our homework. A lot of my classmates and I don't have any homework with us and my instructor told us we can't take the online exam if we don't pass one. He was very kind enough to give us half an hour to make our homework. Too bad, I left my paper and I don't have no idea how to answer my homework so I didn't bother and just wait for my friends to arrive.

After some minutes, I felt people walking behind my back and checking the units beside mine if they're working. I looked up and saw it was my crush and his two friends. He checked the units on my left and right then he decided to take the one in my left. It was the first I get to sit next to him. I don't know, this wasn't their usual spot. Usually, they would take the row behind ours but now, he was really sitting next to me!! I think I even felt my jaw literally dropped. I couldn't speak, could barely utter a word. I was shocked.

Since he sat next to me, I thought that maybe I could make the first move of saying hello. Omg, I'm gonna have my conversation with him I'm so thrilled it's hurting me smile like an idiot! I was trying hard collecting every words that I know to make a good impression with my greetings. I wanted to speak but I kept my mouth closed because I couldn't afford to stutter in front of him. He was just sitting there, not looking at me but I was sneakily taking glances at him.

With the abundant of courage that I collected, I turned to him and decided to say hello but what came out from my mouth was:

"Can You Let Me Copy Your Homework?"

Wait. Did I just hear myself right? Did I just ask him to let me copy his homework?!!   OMG. I am so doomed. Nice, Kristen. Great way to say hello. WOW. Bravo. -shots-

On another note, I think I was still lucky that time because it would seriously be the end of my world if I blurted out the words I LIKE YOU on our first conversation.

I bit my lip and and closed my eyes in embarrassment. That was such an embarrassing conversation with him! I wanted to literally vanish that time.

I heard him chuckle and I look at him- he was laughing really cutely!! I swear his laughter sounded so good I wanted to make it as my ringtone. Hehehe.

"Yea sure. Hope you get to understand it despite of my penmanship." he said as he handed me his paper. Oh my fluffy marshmallows, I just asked my crush to let me copy his homework. Oh my. I don't know what kind of impression I made.

After copying his paper, I handed it back to him and said thanks. I kinda got annoyed of his friend because after just minutes of sitting next to my crush, the guy asked me to exchange seats with him. I seriously wanted to say, "Excuse me but this is my crush I'm sitting next to and this firstly happened after a very long time and I don't think I could afford to be just a few meters away from him now so I hope you understand." but I can't. I couldn't embarrass myself that much. I got embarrassed enough.

"Sure. Please check the internet connection of that unit if its working." I said. -3-

Unfortunately, the internet connection of the unit in my right was working good so I really have no choice but to exchange seats. We answered online chapters and I keep glancing sideways to my crush. He was having trouble with his unit because every time he'd submit his answers, the internet would get disconnected. I was done passing my chapter exams 7&8 and yet he was starting to answer the chapter 7 again for the nth time. He looked at me worriedly and asked, "Can I use your unit? This unit seemed broke." I told him it's fine and got out of my seat and switched places with him.

After the exams, our instructor discussed us few chapters of our lesson. He used projector so the lights were off. I was so sleepy hearing my instructor's endless blabbering and it was very cold in the room and the lights were off. Wow. Was it bedtime already? I asked to myself.

To wake myself up, I started to play with my phone. I was playing this android game Monsters Ate My Condo and it was really fun. I was playing it when I heard my crush said, "Is that Dragon City?" then he let me hear his beautiful laughter again. I assumed he has mistaken the horse as a dragon. LOL I shook my head and said no then he laugh again. I don't know. It's like he's always trying to laugh when we're talking to me. Ughh. I couldn't be more delusional. LOL

My highest score so far.

That's it. I hope I'd get a chance to talk to him again and if I'm gonna get luckier then I hope we'd friends.

They said that little things could make you happy. I think it just made me the happiest.

And oh, I've joined a cute giveaway you guys might wanna check it out and participate too. :3

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